First Foot Forward

First Foot Forward

Every adventure has its own beginning and of course its goals. Hi, I'm Neil Alvin Nicerio and I'm the blogger behind The Backpack Adventures.

It all started as a way for me to express my passion for writing. From there, it became a habit until it became a regular part of my life.

Now, I'm excited to share with you my travel adventures as I wander around the world with just a backpack on my shoulder (and sometimes in a car). As a travel enthusiast, I'm always on the lookout for off-the-beaten-path destinations that are rich in culture, history, and nature. Join me as I take you on a journey across the globe, from remote islands to bustling cities, and everything in between. Let's explore together and see what this beautiful world has to offer!

Let's explore the world!

The Backpack Adventures will also provide everyone with itineraries and possible contacts so that your trips would be hassle-free and fun. 

So here it is, this is officially my first article published on November 11, 2012. I look forward to seeing you again in my blog my dear reader. Thank you!

Where the adventurer goes his backpack follows!
"Orbis terrarum liber est, et illi qui non commeant modo unam paginam legunt"
"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

-St. Augustine, City of God. 413-426



  1. I am excited for your new posts to come dy. I know you have been dreaming of having your own blog and tsadaa, you're on your way! And I will be your number one fan follower! <3

  2. I'm really honored to have you as a fan my. =)
    You've supported me all the way. I'm looking forward to more travels with you! =)

  3. This is amazing man. As you're a traveler, so have I been. I hiked here to Halifax from another province! It was great traveling with a tent, a pot, some snacks, and small items to get by on. I hope to hear more about your travels!

    1. Dude that's an awesome adventure. not everyone has that capability. Hope to experience that too one day.


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