Fort Siloso Skywalk - Singapore

Located on the western side of Sentosa Island in Singapore , Fort Siloso Skywalk is an 11-story, 181-meter long skywalk trail that leads visitors from the Siloso Beach area to Fort Siloso . Fort Siloso Skywalk Fort Siloso Skywalk The Fort Siloso Skywalk was launched with the Sentosa Cable Car Line in 2015. Its 11-story tower comes complete with an elevator that brings visitors to the view deck.  Fort Siloso Skywalk - Singapore From the deck, visitors may choose to follow the 181-meter long skywalk trail that snakes above the trees going to Fort Siloso or simply enjoy the panoramic view of the skyscrapers of Singapore and the forests, cable cars, and beach events of Sentosa Island . Let's go up to Fort Siloso Skywalk tower! Can you spot my wife KC? Get your cameras ready! Whoaaaa! It's a see-through glass! Going back to the 181-meter long skywalk trail, you'd notice that there are several covered areas spread throughout the trail. These covered

Sentosa Cable Car Line - Singapore

Located in Sentosa Island in Singapore , Sentosa Cable Car Line is one of the two cable car lines of the island. It is also the newest. Sentosa Cable Car Line Sentosa Cable Car Line Details The   Sentosa Cable Car Line   or simply  Sentosa Line   is an extension of the existing Mt. Faber Line. However, these two lines are not physically connected to each other.  Sentosa Cable Car Line - Singapore The Sentosa Line opened on July 14, 2015. This line is 890 meters long and has 51 eight-seater cable cars of cabins. Buy your tickets in the booths found near the stations Here are the stations of the Sentosa Line . Have a nice day! Time to try out the Sentosa Cable Car Line Up we go! Check out the view! Siloso Beach as seen from the cable car The Sentosa Cable Car Line has three stations; the Merlion Station, Imbiah Lookout Station, and the Siloso Point Station. Each station is strategically located to bring visitors closer to the different unique attrac

Marina Bay Sands - Singapore

Located at 10 Bayfront Avenue in the Marina Bay area of Singapore , Marina Bay Sands is a luxury integrated resort. Aside from that, its iconic hotel is also one of the most famous structures in the country. Marina Bay Sands Marina Bay Sands details The history of this elegant building started way back in 2004 when the government of Singapore decided to build the country's first integrated resort. In mid-2006, the Last Vegas Sands Corporation won the bid. Its goal was to construct the integrated resort in three years. Marina Bay Sands - Singapore A good view from the Merlion Park Marina Bay Sands Hotel as seen from across Marina Bay Marina Bay Sands  nighttime view You can ride that boat from Merlion Park to different parts of Marina Bay Sands Inside the Shoppes of Marina Bay Sands The pond beside the ArtScience Museum The ArtScience Museum The ArtScience Museum nighttime view Marina Bay Sands Hotel The construction proved to be challeng

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