Sentosa Cable Car Line - Singapore

Located in Sentosa Island in Singapore, Sentosa Cable Car Line is one of the two cable car lines of the island. It is also the newest.

Sentosa Cable Car Line

Sentosa Cable Car Line Details

The Sentosa Cable Car Line or simply Sentosa Line is an extension of the existing Mt. Faber Line. However, these two lines are not physically connected to each other. 

Sentosa Cable Car Line - Singapore

The Sentosa Line opened on July 14, 2015. This line is 890 meters long and has 51 eight-seater cable cars of cabins.

Buy your tickets in the booths found near the stations

Here are the stations of the Sentosa Line.

Have a nice day!

Time to try out the Sentosa Cable Car Line

Up we go!

Check out the view!

Siloso Beach as seen from the cable car

The Sentosa Cable Car Line has three stations; the Merlion Station, Imbiah Lookout Station, and the Siloso Point Station. Each station is strategically located to bring visitors closer to the different unique attractions of the island. 

Here's a list of some of the places to visit near each station:

Merlion Station

  • Sentosa Merlion
  • Madame Tussauds
Imbiah Lookout Station

  • Madame Tussauds
  • Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom
  • Tiger Skytower

Siloso Point Station

  • Siloso Beach
  • Fort Siloso
  • Fort Siloso Skywalk
  • Mega Adventure
When we say round trip, it means you go through all stations once and board down at the same station that you boarded at. You can board down any station before you complete the round trip though but of course, that's a waste of money (better take the free bus ride instead.)

Let's go!

I got to try out the Sentosa Cable Car Line with my family during our 2017 Singapore -Malaysia tour.  Although the tickets were quite pricey for our budget trip, my wife and I decided to avail of it because it is something that our daughter would surely love to try out. True enough it is worth it looking at my daughter's reactions.

Daddy check out the view here!

Let's have that quick photo for our social media accounts

Team Nicerio rides the Sentosa Cable Car Line

Overall, don't ride the Sentosa Cable Car Line as a mode of transportation. Treat it as one of the attractions of the island. Again if you want to move around the island without breaking the bank, then look for the bus or tram stops. The bus and tram rides are FREE. Ride the cable car for the experience and the beautiful view.

Sentosa Cable Car Line Fare:

Here are the rates for the Sentosa Line and the Mt. Faber Line

The tickets for the Sentosa Line are cheaper than that of the Mt. Faber Line. Tickets can be bought at the booths at each station. It can also be pre-booked online. A round trip ticket costs SGD 13 for adults and SGD 8 for children.

Sentosa Cable Car  Line Operating Hours:

Sentosa Cable Car Line is open from 8:45AM to 9:30PM.

Why ride the Sentosa Cable Car Line? 

Sentosa Cable Car Line is a must-try when you are in Singapore as it offers you a different mode of exploring Sentosa Island. It also offers an amazing view of the island that is not common when you explore the island by tram or by bus. 

Getting to Sentosa Cable Car Line:

Option 1: Ride the Sentosa Express or walk going to Sentosa Island from VivoCity. Once on the island, you can ride the free buses going to the different areas of the island. You may ask the conductor what is the nearest cable car station in the stops and board down there.

Option 2: Ride the Mt. Faber Cable Car Line and board down at the Sentosa Station.  Take a 3-5 minute walk to Imbiah Lookout Station. 

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