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10 Wheeler Truck Mindanao Road Trip: Day 1

Driving your car or riding a bus would be your typical mode of transportation when moving about in Mindanao. However, I was lucky enough to experience a unique (and more adventurous) way of traveling in the southern region of the country. The title says it all, It's my 10 Wheeler Truck Mindanao Road Trip . 10 Wheeler Truck Mindanao Road Trip: Day 1 I got the privilege of riding a 10 wheeler truck for the first time during my latest visit to Mindanao during my summer vacation. It was my wife who suggested that I should try to write about something unique. She told me to join my father-in-law on one of his trips.  The 10-wheeler truck that would bring me around three provinces in northern Mindanao I found the idea very tempting because I know that very few bloggers experienced this kind of adventure yet and aside from that I was also eager to know the "how-to" in the trucking business in Mindanao. The Backpack Adventure goes trucker mode This is where I

Giant Toog Tree - Agusan Del Sur

UPDATE: Good news, the Giant Toog Tree is given another lease of life after the mayor listened to the pleas of concerned citizens. Found in Barangay Alegria, San Francisco (San Franz), in Agusan Del Sur, This   Giant Toog Tree also known as Philippine Rosewood is considered the oldest and tallest in the country. Giant Toog Tree Giant Toog Tree Details: This particular Toog tree stands 318 feet with a diameter of 7 meters at its base. From a distance, the tree looks like a towering giant amidst a crowd. The tree was judged as the tallest of all  toog  trees by the Tree Preservation Foundation of the Philippines Inc. in 1980. Agusan Del Sur's Giant Toog Tree The marker tells the story of this particular tree. Toog trees are known for their toughness. It was said that during the olden times, man couldn't cut down the toog trees. Axes and manual saws are useless against their thick trunks. However, when technology improved and machines were introduced to the Philippin

Agusan Del Sur: Bunawan Ecopark and Wildlife Reservation Center

Found in Barangay Consuelo, Bunawan in the province of Agusan Del Sur, Bunawan Ecopark and Wildlife Reservation Center became famous for its world known centerpiece exhibit. Bunawan arc That exhibit is named Lolong , the world's longest salt water crocodile ever caught. Lolong was captured in Bunawan Creek, a part of the vast Agusan Marsh on September 3, 2011. Lolong In November of the same year, an Australian crocodile expert from the National geographic measured Lolong and confirmed that the crocodile was indeed the longest ever caught. the enormous Lolong measured 20 feet and 24 inches from snout to tail beating the Australian croc named Cassius which formerly holds the said title. A young kid views the croc 5 times his size Six months later, Lolong was officially certified by the Guinness Book of World records as the " World's Biggest Crocodile in Captivity ". Bunawan Mayor Elorde with some foreign guests Bunawan Mayor Cox Elorde t

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