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Biei Roadside Station - Hokkaido

Biei Roadside Station ( 道の駅 びえい ) is one of 128 roadside stations all over Hokkaido and is located at 1-9-21 Honmachi in the town of Biei in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Biei Roadside Station Biei Roadside Station details Formally called Biei Roadside Station Oka no Kura ( 道の駅 びえい・丘のくら ) or Warehouse on the Hill, Biei Roadside Station is actually a renovated warehouse built during the early Taisho era (1912-1926).  Biei Roadside Station Oka no Kura  ( 道の駅 びえい・丘のくら ) - Biei, Hokkaido Prefecture It was registered as a Michi no eki or roadside station last March 1, 2007, and was given the registration number 97. As mentioned, the Biei Roadside Station is an old structure that was renovated and repurposed to become a roadside station. That's why its facade still looks maintains its architectural design but inside it looks a bit modern.  Inside Biei Roadside Station Some products to buy in Biei Roadside Station: Sake and wine made from the region Biei Pork At present, Biei Roadside

Misora Museum and Observatory - Hokkaido

Misora Museum and Observatory ( 丘のまち郷土学館 美宙 ) is a venue for locals and tourists to learn about the history of the town of Biei while also promoting science and astronomy. It is located in 4 Chome 1-4 Sakaemachi, Biei in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Misora Museum and Observatory  ( 丘のまち郷土学館 美宙 ) Misora Museum and Observatory details Formally called Biei Local Museum Misora , this facility opened in 2016. It might not be as big as most museums in Hokkaido but it definitely promotes learning to those who visit. Misora Museum and Observatory - Biei Town, Hokkaido Prefecture 丘のまち郷土学館 美宙 The ground floor of the Misora Museum and Observatory 2nd floor of Misora Museum and Observatory In the side Misora Museum and Observatory , you will see displays about the nature and history of Biei Town. These displays are all located on the ground floor level of the museum. Inside Misora Museum and Observatory Nature in Biei Town The course of History in Biei Town The course of History in Biei Town Agr

Four Seasons Tower - Hokkaido

The Four Seasons Tower ( 四季の塔 )  serves as one of Biei's symbols.  Additionally, it is the best location to observe Biei from above and from a panoramic perspective.  It is located at  4-6 Motomachi in the town of Biei, Hokkaido Prefecture in Japan .  Four Seasons Tower Four Seasons Tower details Four Seasons Tower ( Shiki-no-Tou /  四季の塔 ) was completed and opened to the public on Heisei 6 (1994). The tower has an overall height of 44.5 meters. Visitors can go up to the observatory located on the top floor of the tower which is 32.4 meters.  Four Seasons Tower - Biei, Hokkaido Prefecture Four Seasons Tower Information Four Seasons Tower stands 44.5 meters Shiki-no-Tou (四季の塔) The Four Seasons Tower is attached to the Biei Town Hall Government Building. What's great about this tower is that it is a free facility. This means you can go up to the observatory area for free. Aside from that, it is open even on Saturdays and holidays when the town hall is closed.  The parking ar

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