Japan Diaries 2: Day 20

Day 20 June 5, 2018

A Visit to Shipporyuji

Ohayo! According to today's weather forecast, it's going to be cloudy the whole morning then rainy in the afternoon today. By this time, we already have full trust in Japan's weather forecasts as it had been 100% accurate since our first day here. 

Back on the road

As usual, Mr. Toshi took this opportunity to bring us to yet another wonderful place. Located several kilometers away from his house in Kumatori is Mt. Inunaki. Upon researching it before leaving, I discovered that Mt. Inunaki is home to 48 different waterfalls and also to one of Japan's oldest temple -Shipporyuji.

One way road + gloomy forest = Wrong Turn vibes

Finally reached the parking area on Mt. Inunaki's foot

Following the pathway going to the temple

The stairs that lead to the Shipporyuji


From Mr. Toshi's house, we drove for about 8 kilometers to the town of Ogi in Izumisano before continuing to a small road going to the temple in the mountains. The road reminded me of the slasher film "Wrong Turn" which kinda freaked me out a little. Thankfully there were no hillbillies wandering in the forest and we reached the parking lot of the temple safe and sound.

Shipporyuji's goshuin

Shipporyuji's famous vermillion mini-temple with the  

Close up of the waterfall behind the vermillion temple

From the parking lot, we followed the footway to the temple's Hondo where I got my goshuin for my collection. We then paid a small amount  (50 yen) to see the small vermillion temple with the picturesque waterfall backdrop which was on the other side of the Hondo. I did not miss the opportunity to take as many photos and videos as possible. 

We had to leave as my wife suffered a terrible toothache

Ella checking out the kiddie area of the dental clinic while waiting for mommy

We did not stay long though as my wife suddenly had a bad case of a toothache so we decided to skip going up the peak of Mt. Inunaki and bring her to a dental clinic instead. We found one in Kumatori and discovered that there was an infection which thankfully was remedied by the medication given to her. We then went home, had lunch, and rested. 

Grocery shopping time at Tsutaya Way

Look at the price of those fruits

Free taste!!!

Just as predicted, it did rain in the afternoon but that did not stop us from going to Tsutaya Way to buy some groceries and souvenirs. That night, the Japan Meteorological Agency formally announced that it was the start of Japan's rainy season. In some way, it won't affect us much as we are heading back to the Philippines in two days. Whatever adventure we'd have in the remaining two days is but already bonuses. 

Dinner time at the Kameyama Residence

My wife cooked carbonara

Before we called it a day, something wonderful happened, Mr. Toshi's gekkabijin bloomed! What's special about it was that the plant rarely blooms and if it does, it's only during the night. The flower then wilts in the morning. 

The gekkabijin flower bloomed

The flower on the right is how it looks like after it wilts

Well, like the flower of the gekkabijin, everything beautiful would eventually come to an end. Today marks our second to the last full day here in Japan... Knowing Mr. Toshi, he won't let our last full day end without a final adventure so that kept me excited still. 

Overall, despite my wife's terrible toothache, our day remained memorable. As always, we are looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. 


  1. Lovely photos of your travel. The temple in particular is so stunning

  2. I've long wanted to do the Basho Trail in Japan, and your forest/waterfall pictures made me think of that. Very beautiful. And how wonderful to see the gekkajijin flower!

    1. I haven't tried the Basho Trail too. I'll Google it and plan to accomplish it next time. =)

  3. This was a fun read, very straightforward and clear, it will surely help people traveling

  4. I have seen a little of Japan on a quick visit. Hibiya Godzilla Square, then a bullet train to Mt. Fuji. I think my favorite was a visit to a Shinto shrine

    1. There's more to Japan than Mt. Fuji. You should go further away from Tokyo on your next visit. =)

  5. Lovely blog post and excellent pictures! I really want to go here someday.

  6. It sounds like it was an amazing experience even though it had to be cut a bit short. Hope your wife's tooth ache got better!

  7. You always feature such beautiful photos in your posts

  8. Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Carbonara is japanese food?

  9. What a wonderful experience you had in Japan. It seems like every turn in a road leads to something magical.

    1. I do agree with you on that Ivan. Sometimes, I just want to get lost in Japan...

  10. Are those bird houses along the stairs?

  11. Visiting the Shinto shrine's are a highlight of my visits to Japan

  12. Mt Inunaki looks perfect nature and peaceful Japan such a lot of Amazing places like this and I would love to go this place someday "crossfingers" Lol!

  13. Japan always had remarkable beauty to me. I love the natural beauty in nature, the culture and of course the food! Great post

  14. Wow this looks like an awesome adventure! Great pictures as well! They really tell the story! -Ashley

  15. Amazing pictures and it looks like such a beautiful place! Hope your wifes tooth feels better!!

  16. I bet, that was really a wonderful experience and adventure! I love the photos of the place, but I know it is way more beautiful in real.

    1. That's true Quin. My photos does not even translate to 10% of the true beauty of the place that I have visited.

  17. Hello! Thanks for frequently visiting my blog!

    The vermilion color is known as shuiro in Japanese. It is a popular color during the Heian Period. Since the Japanese are great in preserving history, you see many temples and shrines which retained this color. =)


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