Numata Shrine - Hokkaido

Numata Shrine ( 沼田神社 ) is the main shrine of the town of Numata. It is located at 5 Chome-1 Kita 1 Jo in the town of Numata in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan . Numata Shrine Numata Shrine details Numata Shrine has a rich history dating back to when its founder, Mr. Kisaburo Numata, recruited 18 immigrants from his hometown in Toyama Prefecture and enshrined the branch spirits of Ise Jingu in a bamboo mushroom hut in the Tappu wilderness in 1892. Numata Shrine - Numata Town, Hokkaido Prefecture After the reclamation business progressed, Kaiken Commission Co., Ltd., where the shrine was originally located, moved to Numata Takadai in 1903. At the same time, a new shrine was built and became Toryu Shrine . The shrine was later moved to the Numata city area in 1908 and promoted to village shrine in 1945 before eventually becoming Numata Shrine in 1932. 沼田神社 Numata Shrine's main torii gate The secondary and tertiary torii gates as seen from the main torii gate Numata Shrine's chozuya

Japan Diaries 4: Day 313

   Day 313:  September 10, 2022 Saturday -  9.9-11 Family Road Trip D2 Good morning! I woke up to a beautiful day, grateful that it hadn't rained last night. Although there was some moisture left in our tent, it reminded me of our previous camping trip in Hamatombetsu, where we experienced a rainy day. However, the sun rose and came to our aid, helping to dry out the interior of our tent. Sato Auto Campground of Firefly Off to Numata town proper Stopover at Seicomart Numata for breakfast Itadakemasu! Numata Shrine torii gate Numata Shrine We parked near the  Numata Agricultural Cooperative Agricultural Warehouse Numata manhole cover We left the  Sato Auto Campground of Firefly  a little before 7 AM. Our first stop was in the town of  Numata  ( 沼田町 ) , where we decided to buy breakfast at Numata Seicomart before heading to Numata Shrine . It was important for us to pay our respects and offer some prayers there as part of our family tradition of visiting the main shrines of the mu

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