Japan's Awesome Manhole Covers

Japan   is a place where you can collect a plethora of things. However, did you know that there's something that you can collect without hurting your travel budget?  Japan's Awesome Manhole Covers This collection is none other than Japan's Awesome Manhole Covers .  I know some of you might probably be raising your eyebrows right now and some are probably asking themselves " How on Earth would I bring one home when I only have 50kgs baggage allowance? ".  Team Nicerio in Osaka City Well, before you continue reading, if you're not into manhole covers you can move on and read other articles in my blog. As for the question - worry not dear reader, you won't be carrying one home.  To "collect" these colorful and intricately designed covers, one would only need a few things. First, an ever-attentive eye, a camera, and your sharp unerring skill of remembering place names. If you have these, then you can be part of the continuously growing group of amazi

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