2019 Bicol Road Trip: Day 5

Day 5: May 25, 2019 Exploring Legazpi City 2019 Bicol Road Trip: Day 5 It's the second to the last day of our 6-day road trip around the Bicol Region . So far, we've been to 3 provinces and a number of cities and municipalities already.   A view of Mayon from our room in La Granja Boutique Hotel Here we are! Albay Park and Wildlife Reminds me of Jurassic Park Entrance fee: P20 per child and P50 per adult  This is probably the most picturesque part of the park. For today's itinerary, we'll visit some of the most famous tourist destinations in Albay. However, before we do that, we first had our complimentary breakfast at La Granja Boutique Hotel. Following our delectable breakfast, we checked out of the hotel and immediately proceeded to our first destination for the day which was the Albay Park and Wildlife in Bogtong, Legazpi City.  Here are some of our photos in Albay Park and Wildlife : The park houses numerous animals, most no

Dancalan Beach - Sorsogon

Located in barangay Dancalan, Bulusan, in the province of Sorsogon, Dancalan Beach is a scenic crescent-shape near-white sand beach situated near the highway.  Dancalan Beach Dancalan Beach Details The town of Bulusan is famously known for the scenic Bulusan Lake and the majestic Bulusan Volcano but during my recent visit, I discovered that there's more to the town than that. Bulusan is actually blessed with a beautiful shoreline -the most famous of which is Dancalan Beach .  Are you ready for your next adventure? Look at that crystalline waters ...and that powdery white sand Gotta love the view! Dancalan Beach is a public beach that is the usual go-to destination for locals during the weekends and during summer. Aside from its easy accessibility, the entrance fee is also very affordable.  Dancalan Beach Entrance Fee: Beachgoers need to only pay P10 for a full day's worth of stay. Visitors may opt to rent an open-air kubo (nipa hut) for just P100

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