Japan Diaries 2: Day 12

Day 12 May 28, 2018 Eiraku Yumenomori Park After several days of having great weather (which allowed us to go on a back-to-back road trip), we experienced on and off rain today.  Our adventure for today... Our original plan last week was to go to Universal Studios Japan today but thank God for the accurate weekly weather prediction of the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) we changed plans and booked for it tomorrow as there is a lesser chance of rain compared to today. Looking at it, it looks like we made the right decision as it rained straight till 9AM. It's Ella's day today An hour after the rain stopped, Mr. Toshi told us that he wants to bring us, particularly my daughter Ella, to the Eiraku Yumenomori Park which is also called  Yongkura Yume no Mori Park  which is just a few kilometers away from their house. We agreed of course but my wife decided to stay to cook lunch for us. It was only Mr. Toshi, Ella, and I together with the family dog Yomogi who went on a

Suna Matsuri (Sand Festival) 2018: Cultural Adventure

Suna Matsuri or Sand Festival  ( 白浜砂祭り )  is an annual festival held every May in Shirarahama Beach in Shirahama , Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Shirahama, for those who are unfamiliar with the place, is a coastal resort town on the southern coast of Wakayama Prefecture. The town is famous for its onsen(s), rock formations, and of course Shirarahama Beach . Suna Matsuri  or  Sand Festival  ( 白浜砂祭り ) Suna Matsuri (Sand Festival) Details Speaking of Shirarahama Beach , it is the venue of the annual Suna Matsuri (Sand Festival) held every May. The highlight of this festival is the Sand Art Contest that is modeled after the Snow Festival of Hokkaido. This competition features around 30 - 60 pieces of three-dimensional artworks made from the sand of the beach. These artistic mounds measure around 15 feet by 15 feet and are at least 6 - 10 feet tall. Suna Matsuri Festival - Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture Taking a closer look... Is that Snorlax? The entries for the cont

Engetsu Island - Wakayama

Located several meters from the coast of the resort town of Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture, Engetsu Island  also  Engetsu-to  ( 円月島 ) is a small yet must-see island of the town.    Engetsu Island  also  Engetsu-to  ( 円月島 ) Engetsu Island Details The name engetsu means "the island of the full moon". However, a lot of people are unaware that its official name is actually Takashima . The island measures approximately 115 feet from east to west, 430 feet north to south, and 82 feet high at the tallest elevation. Engetsu Island - Shirahama , Wakayama Prefecture Surprisingly the water near it is very clean and is teeming with fish Despite being an island, Engetsu-to is also viewed as a scenic rock formation jotting out of Rinkai Bay. It is famous for its natural sandstone arch which has a perfectly circular hole in the middle. This hole was formed through the natural effects of the waves and the wind which eroded the "weaker" part of the rock formation

Sandanbeki Rock Cliff - Wakayama

Located in the coastal part of the resort town of Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture, Sandanbeki Rock Cliff   ( 三段壁 ) is the general name of the cliffs which was said to be used by the Kumano pirates during the Heian period. Sandanbeki Rock Cliff   ( 三段壁 ) Sandanbeki Rick Cliff Details Sandanbeki Rock Cliff , also referred to as simply Sandanbeki , refers to the 2  kilometer stretch of  50+ meter high cliffs of the Shirahama coastline which is perfectly viewed from the observation point/view deck. The highlight of a visit to Sandanbeki is the Sandanbeki Dokutsu . It is a cave where the Kumano pirates once hid their boats (and probably their loot too). For those who are planning to check it out, there is an elevator in the souvenir shop near the observation point that can bring visitors down to the cave. Sandanbeki Rock Cliff - Shirahama , Wakayama Prefecture Gotta love the view from the Sandanbeki  Viewing Area Check out that rugged cliffside You can go down to Sandanbeki

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