Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks - Kyoto

Months prior to our visit to Japan , my wife tagged me to a trending post on Facebook about this unique Starbucks store in Kyoto City. This Starbucks branch was dubbed the " Edo-style Starbucks ."  Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks The said post piqued my interest as I was crafting our Kyoto City itinerary during that time. I then made sure to include it in the said itinerary and as a matter of fact, I placed it on our first-day plans. Before I write about what happened next, let's first discover the good-to-know information about this Starbucks store. You'd surely miss it if you don't know where it is... I had to ask around to find it.  Yup, I'm in the right place! Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks - Kyoto City Edo-Style Starbucks History The Starbucks Coffee Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya , better known as the tatami-styled Starbucks is located at Kyoto-shi Higashiyama-ku Kodaiji Minami-dori Shimogawara Higashi Ino Masuya-cho 349, Masayacho, H

Daigoji - Kyoto

Daigoji ( 醍醐寺 ) is one of Kyoto's 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, located at 22 Higashioji-cho, Daigo, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City in Kyoto prefecture. Daigoji Daigoji history Daigoji was founded by Rigen-Daishi who is also known as Master Shobo in 874. The temple was piously supported by Emperor Daigo and so when he fell ill and abdicated in 930, he entered as a monk taking the Buddhist name Ho-Kongo here. Sadly, he passed away shortly after at the age of 46 and was buried in the temple vicinity. Before his death, he ordered the construction of several halls in the vicinity such as Yakushi Hall. The next two Emperors,  Suzaku, and Murakami, also piously supported the temple which laid the foundations for Daigoji's perpetual preservation.  Checking out Daigoji's Kameshima Team Nicerio exploring deeper into  Daigoji grounds Due to its very long history, numerous structures and objects including the Kondo and its five-story pagoda are marked as National Treasures and

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