Immaculate Conception Cathedral - Palawan

Located along Rizal Avenue in Barangay Liwanag, Puerto Princesa City in Palawan,  Immaculate Conception Cathedral  is probably the most well known Spanish Colonial era church in the province. Immaculate Conception Cathedral - Puerto Princesa Cathedral Immaculate Conception Cathedral History The history of Immaculate Conception Cathedral dates back to 1872 when the Spaniards started colonizing the area known now as Puerto Princesa City. It was also in that same year that the province celebrated its first mass. Immaculate Conception Cathedral - Puerto Princesa City, Palawan Immaculate Conception Cathedral facade Also known to some as Puerto Princesa Cathedral , this religious structure was named after the patron saint of Palawan -The Immaculate Conception. A century-old statue of the patron saint is preserved and displayed inside the cathedral. Upon closer inspection, you'd notice that it wears special handcrafted clothes designed by the devoted and pious locals. This

Bacoor Church - Cavite

Located in Bacoor, in the province of Cavite, Bacoor Church is one of the oldest Spanish colonial era churches in the province. Bacoor Church   Bacoor Church History Also known as  St. Michael The Archangel Parish , Bacoor Church was established in 1752. Like most Spanish colonial-era churches built in the 18th century, this church started out as a humble place of worship constructed using only light materials such as nipa leaves, bamboos, and straws. The church was renovated to that of its present architectural structure from 1863 to 1870 using adobe,  tegula , and believe it or not duck egg whites to bond the adobe boulders together. Bacoor Church - Bacoor City, Cavite Bacoor Church facade Padre Mariano Gomez NHI Marker Here's a little bit of history tidbit... Bacoor Church is associated with one historical figure who became part of the awakening of Filipino nationalism during the Spanish colonial era. This historical figure is Fr. Mariano Gomez . He was the pa

Abby's Garden Resort - Batangas

Located in Sitio Aroma, Barangay Butong, Taal in the Province of Batangas, Abby's Garden Resort is one of the top outdoor wedding venues in Taal.  Abby's Garden Resort Abby's Garden Resort History Established on March 6, 2009,   Abby's Garden Resort   was built in the conscious effort of providing possible guests with a quality venue for their once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Speaking of the venue, this Mediterranean-inspired resort has a wide well-manicured lawn which serves as a great venue for debuts and weddings.  It can also be used for team building activities and camping type of stay for huge group activities. Other amenities include the family and children's pool which is a few meters away from the garden and a rental billiard table inside the hotel.  Abby's Garden Resort - Taal, Batangas Welcome to Sitio Aroma home of Abby's Garden Resort Continue left for more parking The Mediterranean style hotel The pool as seen from the 2nd-

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