Sumaguing Cave - Mt. Province

Located in Sagada in the province of Mountain Province, Sumaguing Cave is one of the main highlights and most visited parts of the tourism sector of the town. Sumaguing Cave Sumaguing Cave Details Locals would say that you have never truly "visited" Sagada if you have not seen two things. First, are the  Hanging Coffins  and the second is  Sumaguing Cave . Sumaguing Cave - Sagada, Mountain Province  I hate it when a tourist destination is plagued with ads Follow the trail that leads to Sumaguing Cave entrance Are you ready to go down? Be careful, as the steps are sometimes slippery Sumaguing Cave is just one of the more or less 60 caves around Sagada . Its popularity comes from the fact that it offers visitors adrenaline-filled activities or let's say adventures. A bit of orientation before we go deeper Going deeper down Sumaguing Cave However, first things first, to visit the cave, one must enlist the services of a trained local gu

Juan and Antonio Luna Museum - Ilocos Norte

Located in Barangay Garreta in the town of Badoc in Ilocos Norte, Juan and Antonio Luna Museum is the two-story ancestral home of the Luna clan which presently serves as a museum for the Luna brothers. Juan and Antonio Luna Museum Juan and Antonio Luna Museum History: Built sometime in the early 19th century, the ancestral house of the Lunas is a typical  Bahay na Tisa  which was common particularly to the middle and upper-class society during the Spanish colonial period. Sadly, the original structure was damaged by fire in 1861. The house was then ceded to the government in 1954. The Department of Public Works and Highways and the National Historical Institute completed its restoration in 1977. The house then became a museum for the Luna brothers. The museum got some technological upgrades last 2016 with the installation of touch screen TVs and the face projector which projects Antonio Luna's speaking head.  Juan and Antonio Luna Museum - Badoc, Ilocos Norte Welcome to the

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