Big Lagoon - Palawan

Located on the eastern side of Miniloc Island in El Nido in the province of Palawan, Big Lagoon is one of the five locations included in Tour A of the El Nido Island Hopping Tours. Big Lagoon Big Lagoon Details Big Lagoon is best known for its picturesque entrance that is probably the most photographed backdrop of anyone who availed of Tour A .  Big Lagoon - El Nido, Palawan One of the beautiful "hidden" spots near Big Lagoon Unlike Small Lagoon which is also found in Miniloc Island , visitors could enjoy touring Big Lagoon without leaving his boat. However, one may opt to rent a kayak at the floating kayak rental shop near the mouth of the lagoon. Sadly, visitors are discouraged from swimming in Big Lagoon . Our boatman explained that Big Lagoon is deep and boats are busily going in and out of the lagoon which of course would pose a serious threat to any swimmer if there is one.  The water is darker here... meaning it's deep! However, my theory is

The PaRK - Quezon

Located in  Hwy 601, Km 115, Bgy Tignoan  the town of Real in the province of Quezon, The  Pacific Recreation Kamp , or simply The   PaRK is a beach resort slash recreation camp. The PaRK The PaRK details The PaRK - Real, Quezon The PaRK is a place where families or barkadas usually go when they feel like they want to bond. Like what its longer name suggests. this place offers visitors a chance to have picnics, recreation, and kamping (the owner is probably German or he/she wanted it really badly to abbreviate it to the word park.)  All aboard!!! Crash course to surfing! Speaking of the three words that I have mentioned, let's talk first about picnics ... The PaRK has several huts with tables perfect for the said activity. If you want to spread a blanket, you may do so on its wide grounds. Just a piece of advice though, don't leave your food unattended due to the fact that there are plenty of dogs loitering about in the vicinity. Read first before surfing

Food Trip: Puto Bao

The first time I encountered and tasted this food was in Lucena City during the Niyogyugan Festival of 2016 . Puto Bao or Puto sa Bao was the featured product of the towns of Unisan and Agdangan during the said celebration. Puto Bao At first glance, one would think that these purple delicacies are made from ube or yam, but it is actually made from the same ingredients that are used to make suman and puto bibingka which is glutinous rice or malagkit rice. Puto Bao Surprise! All packed and ready to be consumed! Nom nom nom! The real surprise, however, lies not on its purple-colored exterior but on what's actually inside it. The Puto Bao has a filling of shredded coconut that gives it its sweet taste. Puto Bao is best eaten right after it is taken out of the steamer. (Don't worry it would still taste good after several hours out of the steamer). Puto Bao Ingredients: Here's how it looks like malagkit (glutinous) rice mixed with ordinary ric

Niyogyugan Festival 2016: Cultural Adventure

Relatively still in its infancy stage, Quezon's Niyogyugan Festival was launched only in 2012 with the aim of promoting the main agricultural product of the province which is the coconut. However, it has evolved into one of the must-experience and must-see festivals in the Philippines is only a few years.  Niyogyugan Festival 2016 Niyogyugan Festival details Niyogyugan Festival - Lucena City, Quezon The name niyogyugan came from the words niyog which is the Filipino word for coconut and yugyog which means to shake, move, or dance. Schedule of activities for Niyogyugan Festival 2016 Held in and around the Quezon Capitol Compound in Lucena City every August 18-27, Niyogyugan Festival is dubbed "Quezon's Grand Festival" for it covers the 39 municipalities and 2 cities of the province. These municipalities and cities compete with each other by means of the dance, float, and booth competitions. They also have beautiful delegates competing for the title and cro

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