Operation Angalo 2015 Road Trip Adventure

I have been to a lot of places and experienced a lot of different adventures in my 28 years of existence. However, my recent trip to the province of Abra redefined my idea of what adventure really is. Operation Angalo 2015 This memorable trip happened last June 2015. I was invited by my good friend  Terence Sy  of  Skunkworks Customs  to join a  group of 4x4 enthusiasts for a Medical Mission to Abra dubbed  Operation Angalo . Since I don't have a customized 4x4, (my Ford Escape lacks needed modifications) I hopped in and joined Terence's crew in his modified Nissan Patrol. Operation Angalo 2015 Preparing for the long trip ahead Here's my ride for this operation Passing through Abra Arch   Stuck and flat - summary of our first river crossing Sabnangan Footbridge at Luba, Abra One of the 4x4s crossing the river (on a raft) We left Manila on a Thursday afternoon and met up with the other teams in Pasig City. We then pushed on and drove the whole nigh

Hiking Mt. Pinatubo

Our mountaineering adventure today takes us to one of the most famous (and destructive) volcanoes in the Philippines - Mt. Pinatubo .  Mt. Pinatubo Mt. Pinatubo Details  Located in the provinces of Tarlac, Pampanga, and Zambales, Mt. Pinatubo is actually a volcano that once stood at about 1,745 meters above sea level. However, its powerful 1991 eruption reduced it to almost half its size. It now stands 960 meters above sea level. Mt. Pinatubo - Tarlac, Pampanga, Zambales Speaking of Mt. Pinatubo 's historical 1991 eruption, Here are some trivia about it. Prior to the 1991 eruption, the last recorded eruption of the volcano happened some 500+ years ago. Ash from the eruption is said to have reached as far north as Russia. Ash from the eruption damaged several airborne planes. Ash from the eruption also caused massive casualties and damages to the nearby provinces when it got mixed with rain from the monsoon season. This deadly mixture is known as  a lahar . Speaking

Malinta Tunnel Night Lateral Tour

Available only to those who will stay overnight on the island of Corregidor , the Malinta Tunnel Night Lateral Tour allows visitors to see and enter the laterals which are off-limits to the day tour visitors. Malinta Tunnel Night Lateral Tour Malinta Tunnel Night Lateral Tour details Malinta Tunnel - Corregidor Island , Cavite The tour usually starts at around 6/7 PM. Visitors who availed of the Malinta Tunnel Night Lateral Tour will assemble in the lobby of the Corregidor Hotel and will be picked up by a tranvia (a replica of the trams used during the Colonia Era.) Each tranvia is manned by its operator and a tour guide. The tranvia will then bring the visitors to the East Entrance of the tunnel for the start of the tour. Malinta Tunnel history This is how my adventure went... At the mouth of the Malinta Tunnel , the guide briefed us regarding the safety precautions. Then he ushered us inside the tunnel where we were required to wear the provided safety hats. We then walke

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