Cagayan Adventure: Palaui Island

Our adventure today takes us 457 kilometers northwest of kilometer 0 in Manila. Located in the municipality of Sta. Ana in the province of Cagayan, Palaui Island is every backpacker's / island hopper's dream destination. Palaui Island Palaui Island Details  Palaui Island was declared a National Marine Reserve on August 28, 1994. It is home to countless species of migratory birds, corals, fishes, and even plants.  Palaui Island -  Sta. Ana, Cagayan Palaui Island as seen from San Vicente Port Palaui Island got into the international spotlight after it was used as the filming location for Survivor: Cagayan and Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Not only that, but Palaui Island is also placed in the 10th spot in CNN's World's 100 Best Beaches list. Dos Hermanos Islands as seen from Palaui Island Panoramic view of Palaui Island from Mt. Kabo My group visited the island to see its "raw" beauty. You see, the negative effect of becoming a popular island

15 Must-Visit Destinations in Japan

After touring Japan for almost a month , I came up with my personal list of the top destinations in Japan . I have to admit, it's hard to choose from the dozens of shrines, temples, and scenic places that I have visited because every place has its own uniqueness and charm.* *Note: The places listed here are ONLY from the list of places that I have visited in my 26-Day Tour of Japan. 15 Must-Visit Destinations in Japan Planning to visit Japan any time soon? Please check out my list of the 15 Must-Visit Destinations in Japan .  (You can click on the names of the places to know more about it.) 15. Kobe Port Tower (神戸ポートタワー Kōbe Pōto Tawā) Location: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture Details: Kobe Port Tower is a hyperboloid structure that stands as the symbol of Kobe City. It is said that a visit to the city wouldn't be complete without visiting the tower.   Plus Factor:  The view from the observation deck is a must-see. Visit the tower at night to view it while being i

Japan Diaries: Summary

My adventures in Japan might have been long over but their memories still linger. To summarize my adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun , here's the list (complete with links*) of places and events that I have visited and experienced: *click the links to read the articles Japan Diaries Day 0 and 1  - Arrival & Stroll around Tsubasagaoka-kita Day 2  - Rengakan Illumination Day 3  - Expo 70 Commemoration Park Day 4  - Solo Backpacking to Okuyama Ameyama Natural Park Day 5  - Universal Studios Japan Day 1 Day 6  - Universal Studios Japan Day 2 Day 7 and 8  - Christmas in Japan & My Solo Wakayama City Visit Day 9  - A Day in Kyoto City Day 10  - A Visit to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan Day 11  - Wakayama City Checkup Day 12  - Nishikinohama Beach Park, Dotonbori, & Osaka Castle Day 13  - Rinku Town Visited Day 14 and 15  - New Year in Japan Day 16 and 17  - Meeting the Deer of Nara City Day 18  - Tokyo Disneyland Day 1 Day 19  - Tokyo

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