Callao Cave - Cagayan

Located near P eñablanca - Callao Cave Road  in the municipality of Pe ñablanca in the province of Cagayan, Callao Cave is the most famous of the limestone caves found in the province. Callao Cave Callao Cave details Callao Cave is found in the western foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains of the Philippines. The cave is under the  Pe ñablanca Protected Landscape and Seascape .  Callao Cave - Penablanca, Cagayan Callao Cave is probably the most "historical" cave in the country. In 2007 a fossilized 61-millimeter metatarsal bone of an early settler was discovered inside the cave. It was dated using uranium-series ablation and was found to be at least 67.000 years old.  Welcome to Callao Caves Guess how many steps you need to take to get to the cave? Yup it's 183 steps The remains of what was dubbed as the " Callao Man " antedated the 47,000-year-old remains of the Tabon Man. As a matter of fact, the Callao Man has considered the oldest hum

Plaza Quince Martires - Camarines Sur

Plaza Quince Maritres is a significant landmark in Naga City, Camarines Sur, and is located on Penafrancia Street in the city's sentro. The plaza is named after the 15 Bicol Martyrs. Plaza Quince Martires Plaza Quince Martires details Plaza Quince Martires is considered one of the most popular landmarks in Naga City. It can be found in front of San Francisco Church (another popular landmark of the city.) Plaza Quince Martires is highly regarded by the people of Naga or the  Naguenos. Plaza Quince Martires - Naga City, Camarines Sur It is usually the site used for special government functions or meetings. As a matter of fact, the 2014 Independence Day Ceremony was held in the plaza and it was graced by none other than the President of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III. Plaza Quince Martires NHI Marker Plaza Quince Martires is known for the monument that was erected on November 29, 1926. It shows the faces and names of the 15 Martyrs of Bicol. A marker, also placed in

Crocodile Island - Cagayan

Located 2 kilometers off the shores of San Vicente Port in Sta. Ana in the province of Cagayan, Crocodile Island is a small island that resembles a crocodile resting on a sandbar.  Crocodile Island Details The island is officially named  Manidad Island . However, some call it  Rona Island  but most refer to it as Crocodile Island . Crocodile Island - Santa Ana, Cagayan Can you spot the crocodile? Up close and personal The crocodile's head The back of the Croc From San Vicente Port, the island is a mere 10-minute boat ride away. the island is also included in the itinerary if you availed of the Palaui Island tour. What I like about the island is that it could only accommodate only a few people. Once you're on the island you'd feel the sense of exclusivity. Aside from that, the island is also a great place to snorkel. Just be careful though, the side facing away from Sta. Ana is battered by rough waves. From this angle, it seems like the crocodile just

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