Kabila White Beach and Giant Clam Nursery - Camiguin

Located in a cove near Cantaan in the town of Guinsiliban in the Camiguin Province, Kabila White Beach is a beautiful white sand beach with crystal clear waters.  Kabila White Beach and Giant Clam Nursery Kabila White Beach and Giant Clam Nursery details Unlike most white sand beaches in the country, Kabila White Beach is not overcrowded or flocked by tourists. In fact, it is quite hidden and is surely very peaceful and quiet. That's not all, it also houses several giant clam nurseries where they take care of giant clams which they also use to educate tourists.  Kabila White Beach and Giant Clam Nursery -Guinsiliban, Camiguin The locals conserve the beach and its surroundings, that's why visitors are requested to pay an entrance fee of P25. My wife and I got to visit Kabila White Beach and Giant Clam Nursery for the first time during our 7-day honeymoon backpacking in Mindanao .  Team Nicerio visits Kabila White Beach Team Nicerio visits Kabila White B

Quezon: Sariaya Church

Located in the municipality of Sariaya in Quezon province, Sariaya Church is literally and figuratively in the heart of the town. Vehicles heading south to Bicol region and those heading back to Manila from the said region would pass by this religious structure making it very accessible to tourists and pilgrims alike. Also known as Saint Francis de Assisi Church, the first church was built sometime in 1599 in honor of Saint Francis de Assisi and was located in what is now Barangay Castanas. However, frequent raids by the Moro pirates caused the townsfolk to relocate several kilometers north to present day Barangay Tumbaga and a new church was constructed in 1605. Church facade Statue at Church facade The NHI marker Despite moving further inland, the Moro pirates still harass the townspeople and in  1641 the pirates burnt the whole town including the church and its contents. Several days after the raid everything in the town was turned into ashes except one thing

Manila: Paco Church

Located inside Paco Park in the district of Paco in Manila, Paco Church is known as the small domed church in the middle of Paco Park. Paco Church is also known as Saint Pancratius Chapel . It was built together with the park walls sometime in the late 1700s it was completed in 1820. The church is inside this park church facade My wife in front of the church different angles of the dome shaped church ..another angle of the church Church schedule Close up of the church facade The church has a Romanesque architectural design that is coordinated with the designs of its surroundings. The small church is named after Pancratius, a young Christian martyr of Rome, who is considered to be the patron saint of children. His feast day is celebrated every 12th of May. Behind the church is the former resting place of Jose Rizal. The National Hero of the Philippines. Saint Pancratius Chapel holds mass every Sunday. The church is maintained and manag

La Paz Sand Dunes - Ilocos Norte

Located near Laoag City, the capital of Ilocos Norte, La Paz Sand Dunes is widely known as the Desert of the North. La Paz Sand Dunes La Paz Sand Dunes details La Paz Sand Dunes covers an area of approximately 85 square kilometers. It is locally known as  Bantay Bimmaboy . With an elevation that ranges from 10 to 30 meters, La Paz Sand Dunes has a very appealing panoramic view of the West Philippine Sea. La Paz Sand Dunes - Laoag City, Ilocos Norte The West Philippine Sea is seen from La Paz Sand Dunes. With its unique landscape, typical to those in the Middle Eastern countries, La Paz Sand Dunes has become a popular site for shooting local and foreign films. This might be due to the cheaper production cost compared to those of the Middle Eastern counterparts. Great place to do some modeling Some of the local films shot in the area are Panday , Himala , and Temptation Island . Portions of the Hollywood films like Born in the Fourth of July and Mad Max were a

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