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Shibuya Crossing - Tokyo

Located in Shibuya-ku which is a special ward in Tokyo Prefecture in Japan , Shibuya Crossing is a famously known scramble crossing located in front of the Hachiko Exit of the Shibuya Station. Shibuya Crossing Shibuya Crossing Details: Ready to cross   Shibuya Crossing We got to visit Shibuya Crossing on the last day of our 3-day Disney Adventure in Chiba Prefecture. This was during the 20th day of our 2014-2015 Japan trip . Ready to cross the famous crossing! Here we go! With our Japanese family Team Nicerio crosses Shibuya Crossing Almost there! The famous Shibuya 109 Shibuya Crossing is usually or let's say commonly featured in local television shows. However, it gained worldwide fame when it was featured in several Hollywood films like Lost in Translation , The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift , and Resident Evil Afterlife and Retribution . KC and Ella Crossed Shibuya Crossing Aside from the crossing itself, the area is known for its shop

Hachiko Statue - Tokyo

Located near Shibuya Station in Shibuya City, Tokyo Prefecture in Japan , Hachiko Statue is one of Japan's most famous and most visited statues. Hachikō Statue Hachiko Statue History Erected in April 1934,  Hachikō Statue was created to the likeness of Hachikō, an Akita dog owned by Hidesaburo Ueno a university professor at the University of Tokyo. Hachikō is known and remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner which continued for many years after his owner's death. Hachiko - immortalized in his waiting area. Hachikō Statue - Shibuya City, Tokyo Prefecture Hachikō's Story Hachiko Born on November 10, 1923, on a farm in Odate, Akita Prefecture, Hachiko is an Akita breed dog who was adopted into the family of Professor Ueno who brought him to live in his home in Shibuya, Tokyo. Since Professor Ueno commutes daily to work, it became a daily routine for Hachiko to patiently wait for his master  at the nearby Shibuya Station to greet him at the end of th

Japan Diaries: Day 20

Day 20   January 7, 2015 Tokyo Disneyland Day 3 & Shibuya Good morning Japan ! Today is the 3rd and final day of our Disney theme park adventure in Chiba Prefecture. Just a recap, we visited Tokyo Disneyland on our 1st day and Tokyo DisneySea on the next. Since there is no such place as Tokyo DisneySky (yet) we decided to return to one of the previous Disney theme parks that we have visited... and we chose to return to Tokyo Disneyland . Back at Tokyo Disneyland We spent the morning trying out attractions that we missed during our first visit. We also got the chance to retry some of the rides that we enjoyed. So here's what we did on our 3rd day: Got to check out Tom Sawyer's Island Feels like the Wild West... ...complete with a barrel bridge... ...and an old steamboat Check out the waterfalls on that rock! ...and check out this wooden fort! not to mention the nearby Indian tepees. I got the chance to cross this bridge too!

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