Palaisdaan Restaurant - Quezon

Located in Barangay Dapday, Tayabas City in the province of Quezon, Palaisdaan Restaurant is a restaurant known for its bamboo huts floating in man-made ponds. 

Palaisdaan Restaurant

Palaisdaan Restaurant details

Palaisdaan Restaurant - Tayabas City, Quezon

Palaisdaan Restaurant translates to a "fish pond" restaurant. It is one of the several "kamayan" themed restaurants in Tayabas City. For those who are not familiar with what a kamayan-themed is, it is a restaurant that encourages its visitors to eat with their bare hands. Something Filipinos do in ancient times and can still be seen in very rural areas at present. 

This arch was removed last time I passed by...

Palaisdaan Restaurant is usually confused with another famous restaurant called Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Restaurant which is also in the municipality. The said restaurant is actually owned by the family of the owner of Palaisdaan Restaurant hence the close resemblance with the theme and the name.

Palaisdaan Restaurant floating bamboo huts

The restaurant is visited by foodies, tourists and curious alike for its native theme and of course its delicious food. Although used by other restaurants, the idea of eating on a floating bamboo huts is still a sure fire marketing strategy for Palaisdaan Restaurant

Must-try dishes in Palaisdaan Restaurant

Crispy pata



Eat while looking at this view! Amazing!

There is a wide variety of dishes that you could order in Palaisdaan Restaurant. You could spend a day eating and/or relaxing in the floating huts if you want too. You could also feed the fishes in the pond with your leftovers. Speaking of fishes, the most common of these fishes are the tilapia. However some carp and other fishes could also be seen in the man-made ponds.

Palaisdaan Restaurant Menu

Check that out! What a large fish!

Check out these floating huts!

My sister checking out if she saw jaws

Floating kubos around the man made lake

Going back to the dishes, most of the delicacies served in Palaisdaan Restaurant are mostly made from fish. Meat lovers should not fear though, there are other dishes made from pork, beef and chicken too. (I suggest you avail most of the dishes made from fish because the restaurant is not named "Palaisdaan" for no reason)

Palaisdaan Restaurant vicinity map!

We visited Palaisdaan Restaurant during our Laguna - Quezon Visita Iglesia last 2015. We had our late lunch at Palaisdaan Restaurant and I have to admit, I was particularly attracted by the beautiful scenery more than the food.

Palaisdaan Restaurant Contact Numbers:

☎️(Landline) 042 713-1223 / 793-3529
📱(Smart) 0918-247-5587
📱(Globe) 0977-851-46 06

Palaidaan Restaurant Operating Hours

Palaisdaan Restaurant is open from 8AM - 8PM daily

Palaisdaan Restaurant Menu

Keep in mind that the menu prices and food list here might change anytime. This is the 2021 Updated Menu.

Why visit Palaisdaan Restaurant?

If you want to experience an authentic traditional Filipino way of eating then include this in your itinerary when you are in Quezon province. You would surely enjoy it. The food is great and in a way affordable. Also, if you have foreign friends, this is the best place to bring them for a memorable experience.

Getting to Palaisdaan Restaurant:

From Manila, Cubao, or Alabang ride a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal. From there ride a jeep, van, or bus going to Lucban. Tell the driver or conductor to drop you off at Palaisdaan Restaurant.

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