Abra Adventure: Tubo

Our adventure today takes us 55 kilometers south of Bangued (Abra's provincial capital) and 267 kilometers north of Kilometer 0 in Manila. Join me as we visit the quiet remote town of Tubo in the province of Abra.

Tubo Details

This would probably be the first if not one of the few blogs that you'd read about Tubo, Abra. To most, this place is like an uncharted island due to the fact that going to Tubo in itself is a challenge for those who want to visit it.

Abra provincial seal

The town of Tubo is known for its beautiful forested and mountainous surroundings. It's also a perfect place for outdoor adventures. One of which is off-road driving. Due to its remoteness, most of the roads going to it are still unpaved (not to mention some "bridgeless" rivers). That's why 4x4 enthusiasts would surely call it paradise. On a side note, I got to visit Tubo when I joined a group of 4x4 enthusiasts on their medical mission.

Terence, ready for battle!

Despite the challenging terrain, you will be shocked to find that the main town of Tubo is not "tribal-ish". Their homes are already modernized and some of them already have cable TV and not to mention WI-FI connections but still, these people are more than happy to see visitors. During our medical mission (named Operation Angalo), we were astonished to see people from different barangays, swamp to Tubo. 

Here are some photos of Tubo:

Life in Tubo, Abra

Abra River

St. Joseph Parish 

Tubo Children's Playground

Here's how it looks like deep in Abra

I could observe how happy they were with us around. Speaking of the people of Tubo, it is believed that most of them belong to the Maeng tribe and their main source of livelihood is agriculture.

Operation Angalo Medical Mission

Overall, if you love the outdoors, I suggest you visit Tubo, Abra. It might be far but getting there would in itself be a new kind of adventure.

Getting to Tubo:


From Manila or Cubao, ride a bus to Bangued (the capital of Abra). From there you can ride a jeepney that will pass Pennarubia-Bucay-Manabo and Luba. However, there are parts where roads are non-existent.  

Places to see in Tubo

Sabnangan Footbridge

Abra River

Abra Arch

Gabriela Silang Monument

Things to do in Tubo Abra

Go off-roading

Take photos

Cross rivers with your 4x4

Go on a medical and dental mission

Go camping

Tubo Itinerary for 4x4 enthusiasts only:

Day 1: 

7PM - Departure from Manila

Day 2:

7AM- Arrival at Abra Arch
8AM- Drive to Tuba
11AM -  Start Off-roading: 1st river crossing of Abra River at the town of Luba
1PM-Regroup, Lunch
2PM- Proceed to Tuba
4PM- 2nd river crossing of Tumbal River which is a tributary of Abra River still at the town of Luba
5:30PM- Side trip and crossing of Sabnangan Footbridge
6:30PM- Continue to Tuba via the zigzag rough road
7PM- Arrival at Tuba
7:30PM- pitch tents
9PM- Dinner and socials
11PM- Lights out

Day 3:

6AM- Rise and shine adventurer!
6:30AM- Breakfast
7AM- Take a dip Utip River which is just beside the town
9AM- Explore the town of Tubo
10AM- Departure for Manila via the mountainous rough roads of Candon-San Emilio
11PM- Arrival in Manila


Overall rating


  1. I've been to this place also before sir as you can see in my own blog https://growteach.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/mountain-preaching-abra/. :-) I stayed there as a preacher for more than 2 years and the experiences I had were so amazing and life changing.

    1. Wow! I admire your work! Thank you for sharing your blow with me


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