Vermosa Sports Hub - Cavite

Located near Daang Hari Road, Imus City in the province of Cavite, Versmosa Sports Hub is a state-of-the-art public sports facility. 

Vermosa Sports Hub

Vermosa Sports Hub details

Vermosa Sports Hub, formally called Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub, was opened to the public on March 17, 2018. With its Olympic-standard facilities, it is envisioned to be a premier training ground for amateur and professional athletes. It is also designed and equipped to be a venue for national and international sports events. 

Vermosa Sports Hub - Imus City, Cavite

Here are some of the facilities of Vermosa Sports Hub:

Vermosa Sports Hub Fitness Laboratory

Olympic-size lap pool

Vermosa Sports Hub Oval Field

Vermosa Sports Fitness Trail

  1. 9-lane, 400-meter track and field oval
  2. Football field
  3. Olympic-size lap pool
  4. Fitness Laboratory
  5. Bike trail
  6. Jogging trail / Fitness trail
Although it's designed for sports training Vermosa Sports Hub is also a perfect destination for sports junkies and family bonding activities. As a matter of fact, this place is usually crowded during holidays and weekdays.

Visitors can do the following things at Vermosa Sports Hub:

  1. Jog around the 1-kilometer Fitness Trail
  2. Bike around the Bike Trail
  3. Rent the facilities
  4. Walk your pet dog(s)
  5. Try out the different Fitness Stations found around the Fitness Trail.

Vermosa Sports Hub Fitness Stations:

Victory Hill

Vermosa Sports Hub Victory Hill

Pull up bar

Sit up bench

Box jump

Parallel Bar

You might see people playing badminton at different locations around Vermosa Sports Hub, this is actually prohibited by the management so leave those badminton rackets and shuttlecocks at home. 

Our Photos at Vermosa Sports Hub

My family and I are frequent visitors to Vermosa Sports Hub. Our house is just nearby. You might probably see me here every Sunday with my wife and daughter. 

Overall, please do visit Vermosa Sports Hub as it is still free to the public. However, I highly discourage undisciplined people who leave their trash and dog poop behind from visiting this place. There were several instances where I called out some of these swine and in some instances, they unleash their inner "Marites" and the male versions of it. 

Team Nicerio visits Vermosa Sports Hub

With this attitude, I won't be shocked if the management will implement a stricter policy towards this with fines or worse they will start asking for entrance fees. 

Vermosa Sports Hub Entrance Fees

It's FREE to park, enter, and jog/hike around Vermosa Sports Hub's Fitness Trail and Bike Trail. However, the pool and track and field oval require rental fees. 

Vermosa Sports Hub Opening Hours

Vermosa Sports Hub is currently open to the public from 5AM -6AM. However, some said that they were allowed in as early as 4AM.

Why visit Vermosa Sports Hubs?

If you're into fitness and you live near Daang Hari, then this place is for you. Bring your family or friends along and enjoy a day jogging or biking for free. 

Getting to Vermosa Sports Hub:


The best way to reach Vermosa Sports Hub is by private car or if you live nearby, by bike/ foot. 

To reach Vermosa Sports Hub, drive to the Imus side of Daang Hari Road. Look for the Mcdonald's and Starbucks stores by the roadside. Turn to the road with the large VERMOSA standee and drive until you reach the parking area. 




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  1. Sarap magjogging dito. Lagi kaming napunta dito ng pamilya ko tuwing weekend.

    1. Kami rin nung nasa Pinas pa kami. Sarap mag jogging diyan sabay Mcdo after hahahahaha.


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