Talay Falls - Laguna

Talay Falls is one of the three scenic waterfalls located in Barangay San Salvador, Luisiana in the province of Laguna, Philippines.

Talay Falls

Talay Falls details

Talay Falls is a two-tiered waterfall, with the highest drop being 20-25 feet. Compared to the two other falls in Barangay San Salvador, Talay Falls is probably the shortest / smallest. Regardless, it's still quite picturesque. Aside from that, it's also the first of the three that you'd visit if you're doing the Tri-Falls Adventure. 

Talay Falls - Luisiana, Laguna

From the jump-off point, it takes around a 20-30 minute hike on a fairly straightforward trail to reach the falls. There are no challenging ascents nor descents during the hike but you will have to cross a mini-dam that doubles as a bridge. There is nothing to be scared about this mini-dam during the hot summer days but if it's rainy, the water current here is strong so be careful not to slip.

The trail is muddy during the rainy season.

Crossing the mini-dam

Be careful not to slip.

Once you reach the vicinity of Talay Falls, the first thing that you'd see are probably the wooden picnic chairs and tables. You can use these for free. You can leave your stuff here so that you can have a hassle-free picture taking with Talay Falls as your backdrop. This area is also the best place to eat your lunch after visiting Talay Falls and the nearby Hidden Falls

Check out that water flow

Head up to the second tier enjoy a closer look at the upper tier of the falls.

Continue to the path on the right to visit Hidden Falls.

During summer, the water flow is weak but it never dries up hence, in my personal opinion, the best time to visit Talay Falls is during the rainy season or a day after it rained hard (Don't worry, it's safe as long as you have a guide with you.) 

The picnic area near Talay Falls

Visited Talay Falls with my cousins

Speaking about visiting during rainy days, I got to visit Talay Falls during one rainy weekend in February. It was part of our Tri-Falls Adventure. Like what I have mentioned, the water flow plus the volume of water gave Talay Falls additional beauty. Overall, Talay Falls was an awesome first stop for our adventure. 

Talay Falls Fees:

Visitors need to pay a registration fee of 40 pesos per person and a guide fee of 500 pesos for 10 people. If you plan to camp or stay overnight, you need to pay a camping fee of 50 pesos

Talay Falls Opening Hours:

Talay Falls can be visited any time of the day. As a matter of fact, there is a designated area where visitors can set camp for overnight trips. 

Why visit Talay Falls?

There might be nothing much to do in Talay Falls but take pictures with it or of it but I guarantee you, it's a perfect first destination if you're doing the Tri-Falls Adventure as it builds the "wow factor" of the trip compared to visiting Hulugan Falls first. Aside from that, Talay Falls is also a few meters away from the much larger / taller Hidden Falls which is actually an upper tier of Talay Falls as both are connected. 

Getting to Talay Falls:


  1. From Taft or Cubao, ride a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. The fare is around 150 -200 pesos.
  2. Once you reach Sta. Cruz terminal, hop on a jeepney bound to Lucban or Lucena. Tell the driver to drop you off Barangay San Salvador. The fare is around 30-50 pesos.
  3. From the Barangay San Salvador arch, you can walk toward the registration area where you will pay the registration fee and attend a 10-15 minute orientation before being partnered with a local guide. 
  4. You will then ride a tricycle (max 3 passengers) to the drop-off point. Fare is 20 pesos per person. 
Talay Falls orientation = required

Talay Falls Registration Area

Parking area for those visiting Talay Falls

Tricycles which brings visitors from the parking area to the jump-off point

By Car:

  1. From Manila, the fastest route is via SLEX to Calamba. The toll fee varies depending on where you entered. 
  2. Continue on the Manila South Road also called the National Highway which passes through the towns of Los Banos, Victoria, Pila, Santa Cruz, and Pagsanjan.
  3. Turn right to Cavinti-Luisiana Road after driving through Pagsanjan-Cavinti Road.
  4. Turn right when you see the San Salvador Arch and proceed to the registration area for the required 10-15 minute orientation.
  5. After the orientation, you will be ushered to the available parking area several blocks away. You need to pay a 40 pesos parking fee here. They also offer shower areas for post-trek freshening up. This costs 20 pesos.
  6. From there, you are required to ride a tricycle to the jump-off point. The fare is 20 pesos per person. 




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