Todaiji - Nara

Located in the vicinity of Nara Park in central Nara, Nara Prefecture in Japan, Tōdai-ji (東大寺, Eastern Great Temple) or simply Todaiji is the largest wooden structure in the world today.


Todaiji History

Tōdaiji's history could be traced back to the year 728 during the reign of Emperor Shōmu. During that time Nara was still the capital of Japan

Todaiji - Nara City, Nara Prefecture

Todaiji eventually became the head temple of all provincial Buddhist temples of Japan. It is also the Japanese headquarters of the Kegon school of Buddhism.

The Nandaimon or Great Southern Gate

The temple is popularly known as the home of the largest statue of Buddha in Japan. It is known as the Great Buddha of Nara or the Nara Daibutsu. According to legends, millions of people (more than 2 million according to existing records) helped in the construction of the Great Buddha. Aside from that tons of bronze were also used in the project (probably draining the treasury of the country at that time). 

Team Nicerio visits Todaiji

Todaiji was finally finished and dedicated in the year 752AD. The event was so special that it was attended by the emperor and his family, as well as hundreds of local monks and ambassadors from China, India, and other distant places. These ambassadors brought gifts, many of which are still preserved today.

The grand gate in front of Todaiji

My wife posing in front of the ginormous temple

Look how big Todaiji is

My wife with Ryu-san

Todaiji, like many others, was also tested by time and Mother Nature. It was rebuilt several times after being damaged or destroyed by natural disasters. In 1180, Tōdaiji was reconstructed under the supervision of Shunjōbo Chogen. The temple was then patterned in the style done in China at that time.

The Great Buddha of Todaiji

Check out the sheer size of that statue

Yup that's the size of the Great Buddha's hands

Tōdaiji was greatly damaged again in 1567 and was rebuilt by the Tokugawa shogunate in 1692. The temple or Daibutsuden that stands today is actually two-thirds of the size of the original. The Great Buddha also underwent several recasts due to damages done by Mother Nature. The current statue dates back to 1692.

Things to see in Todaiji:

The octagonal lantern outside the temple -A National Treasure

The gong of Todaiji

A miniature model of the temple

The heads of Zochoten and Jikokuten

The artifact on the corner is similar to the thing that you see on the roof

Different artifacts in the main temple

The hole on the pillar - Buddha's Nostril

Komokuten, one of the 2 guardians in the main temple

Bishamonten one of the 2 guardians in the main temple

The 8th century Lotus Petal found at the throne of the main Buddha

We visited Tōdaiji during our trip to Nara Prefecture on our 16th day of our 2014-2015 Japan Trip. Since our goal was just to see the deer roaming Nara Park, our visit to the temple was actually a great bonus... And that great bonus actually has hidden extra bonuses. For example, we got the chance to see the largest bronze Buddha statue in Japan plus my daughter and I also got the chance to successfully crawl through the hole in one of the pillars of the temple (some call it Lucky Hole). 

The Backpack Adventures crawls through Buddha's Nostril

It is said that whoever crawls in and successfully goes through the hole would be lucky and would achieve true enlightenment in the next life. The hole is also said to be the same size as the Great Buddha's Nostril. Talk about adventure!

Todaiji Entrance Fee

Check out Todaiji's entrance fee

Adults need to pay 500 yen while students need to pay 300 to enter and explore Todaiji and its vicinity.

Todaiji Operating Hours

Todaiji is open from 8AM - 5PM.

Why visit Todaiji?

Todaiji is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Nara City. It's also one of the biggest temples in Japan. You should never miss this out when you are visiting Nara City. 

Getting to Todaiji:

From Kansai Airport, you can ride a limousine bus which will bring you to JR Nara Station. From there you could walk going to the park.

Road to Nara Prefecture

Another way to reach the park from the airport is by riding the JR Kansaikuko Line from Kansaikuko Station to Tennoji Station then transfer to the Yamatoji Line (Rapid Service) and get off at JR Nara Station.

You could also ride the Nankai Line (Rapito Service) from Kansaikuko Station to Namba Station then change to the Kintetsu Nara Line (Limited Service) and get off at Nara Station.

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  1. Todai-ji is wonderful temple ... Omamori (japanese charms) of Todai-ji you can buy on ... I'love Japan! ... I hope one day to get back on Japan

  2. Been going through a bit of a Japan phrase, and loved your post. The beautiful statues looked wonderful in photos.

  3. I have been to this temple, absolutely loved it because of the giant Buddha statue, the deers roaming freely mingling with the people and the lake outside. Such a lovely experience feeding those deers although they sometimes snatch food from you ! Haha. Thank you for bringing back good memories!

    1. You're welcome. :) Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm happy my article brought back wonderful memories. :)

  4. Beautiful and informative post! These sure are magical places!

  5. I am planning to visit japan again next year and Nara is in my list..I am Glad I found your post, and this temple will definitely be in my must visit..
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful experience

  6. i read somewhere that the secondary idols in the japanese temples are of Indian Deities in their Japanese avatar - saw a few of them here. Great post - a very detailed travelogue.

    1. Hi there, yes since Japan is also mainly Buddhist, they have almost the same gods. Thank you for visiting.

  7. What a lovely location to visit! I have never been to a place like that! Temples sure reveal a lot about a culture! I need to travel asap! Ah.. the wanderlust!

    1. :) Go go go! Travel while you can. It's the best form of learning. :)

  8. I always dreamed about going to Japan (well, I think everybody dreams about that as well hahaha) but Nara has been on my dream list for long, I have seen a video many years ago, where people pet and feed the deers in the temple and since then I have this on my mind. I didn't know there were carved statues in the temples in Japan, specially this big! They look impressive!

    1. Just outside the gates of this temple are hundred of deer. You'd surely enjoy feeding them. :)

  9. Looks like an amazing place to visit! I love your writing and descriptions. The photos are amazing!

  10. Wow, this temple is so beautiful and vibrant. Would love to visit this place in future.

  11. Great post! I actually went to that temple during my trip to Japan last January! It was such a great experience ♡ I love your photos, it made me miss my trip to Japan so much!

    1. :) I'm really happy that my blog helped you remember your trip. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. :)

  12. This looks amazing. I will have to add this to my japan travel lists to visit.


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