Yasaka Jinja Shrine - Kyoto

Located at 625  Gionmachi Kitagawa, Higashiyama Ward in Kyoto City, Yasaka Jinja Shrine (八坂神社) is one of the city's most famous shrines.

Yasaka Shrine
Yasaka Jinja Shrine (八坂神社)

Yasaka Jinja Shrine History

Also known as Yasaka Shrine and Gion Shrine, Yasaka Jinja Shrine was constructed in year 656. The shrine is dedicated to Susanoo (it's chief Kami) and is considered the guardian shrine of the Gion entertainment district. The shrine gained prominence during the early Heian period when it gained Imperial patronage.

Yasaka Shrine
Yasaka Jinja Shrine - Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

The Nishiromon Gate is the first part of the Yasaka Jinja Shrine that you'd see from Shijo Street.

Going into the shrine complex via the Nishiromon Gate

Zuishin warriors are enshrined in the Nishiromon

Komainu (lion dog) statues guard the vermilion Nishiromon gate

In 877, the main hall of the Yasaka Jinja Shrine was credited with halting a major epidemic that spread throughout the capital. Since then, the shrine became a destination for those who pray for the prevention of diseases and illnesses. 

From the Nishiromon Gate, you'd pass by numerous food stalls before reaching the main shrine


Yasaka Jinja's Otasha

Kitamuki-Ebisusha Shrine

Today, Yasaka Jinja Shrine is famous for the Gion Matsuri which is a summer festival celebrated every July. This festival is one of the most famous in Japan and also dates back over a thousand years. 

Yasaka Jinja's Hiyoshisha

Yasaka Jinja's Rikisui

Utsukushii Gozen-sha

Aside from being a place to go to pray for illness prevention and to celebrate the Gion Matsuri, Yasaka Jinja Shrine is also one of the best places to view cherry blossoms. To fully enjoy your cherry blossom experience, visit early April. 

Yasaka Jinja Minamiromon

Speaking of visiting Yasaka Jinja Shrine, I got to finally visit it on the 4th day of our 2019 Japan trip with my family. Although I have already passed by the distinctive vermilion gates of the shrine plenty of times during my 2014 and 2018 Japan trip with my wife and daughter. 

Ring the bell at the honden and offer your prayer and wishes

Yasaka Jinja Honden

The Maidono or the dance stage

During our visit, we entered via the Nishiromon Gate and followed the path leading to the main hall. Sadly, the Maidono or the dance stage with the hundreds of lanterns were covered during our visit. I then offered some prayers and took some photos while my family continued to explore the shrine grounds. After our curiosity was satisfied, we continued on to the nearby Maruyama Park

The Torii gate serves as both entrance and exit of the shrine to Maruyama Park

Yasaka Jinja Shrine Admission Fee:

Yasaka Jinja Shrine grounds are free to enter. In short, there are no entrance fees. 

Yasaka Jinja Shrine Opening Hours:

Yasaka Jinja Shrine is open 24 hours every day.

Why Visit Yasaka Jinja Shrine?

Yasaka Jinja Shrine is a must-visit location if you're looking for a historical destination in Kyoto City. It's also a destination to visit if you believe in the belief that offering a prayer here would help prevent you from having diseases and illnesses.  It is also a perfect place to use as a jump-off point when exploring the Higashiyama District on foot as there are plenty of nearby tourist spots near the shrine.

Getting to Yasaka Jinja Shrine:

From Kyoto Station, ride bus number 100 or 206 and then board down at Gion bus stop. Travel time is around 25-30 minutes and costs around 230 yen pax. 

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  1. Yasaka Jinja Shrine looks almost similar to the temple before you reach the torii gates in Inari. Or is this the same temple? I get confused sometimes because almost every temples look the same except maybe their sizes. ARRRG!!! Anyway, it looks GRAND compared to most that I've seen in Tokyo & Osaka. And... I noticed that there are less people visiting? Definitely adding this to my Kyoto itinerary!

    1. Ayun oh! Nice to see you here Polly.

      Hahaha true, some shrines and temples do have a lot of things in common. This is the shrine leading up to Maruyama Park near Gion. :)

      Oo i-add mo to. Maganda ang Yasaka Shrine. Di kalakihan pero maraming sub-shrines sa loob.

  2. Hi Neil, These pictures are stunning. I have been to Yasaka Shrine and I think its a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing these nice photos. keep it up.!

    1. Thank you for always liking my tweet. :) You really are Magnificent.

  3. Yasaka Jinja is near Gion District. I have seen it but I was never able to visit. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Please do include Yasaka Jinja on your next trip. It's worth it.


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