Kyoto's Edo-Style Starbucks Revisited 2019

It was only last 2018 that my wife, daughter, and I first got to visit Kyoto's famed Edo-style Starbucks. We revisited it again during the 4th day of our 2019 Japan trip

Looking for a place to experience old Japan while sipping your favorite coffee? Then join me as we check out the Edo-style Starbucks in Kyoto.
Edo-style Starbucks

For those who are still unfamiliar with the Edo Style Starbucks, this branch is the first-ever Japanese-style Starbucks in the world. That means this branch is designed using Japanese aesthetics like tatami mats and Noren curtains. Since this branch is located in the historic Ninenzaka Area where the stores and establishments were preserved and still retain the traditional machiya-style Kyoto buildings, it is not a surprise that this branch is housed in one of those traditional buildings as well. 

Can you spot Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks in the busy Ninenzaka street?
Can you spot Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks branch?

Then look for this sign.

Do you see it now?

Here it is! Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks!

The machiya where the Starbucks Coffee Kyoto Ninenzaka Chaya branch (its official name) was incorporated was actually built over 100 years ago. Surprisingly, Starbucks incorporated its modern facilities in the machiya so well that the historic structure retains more than 90 percent of its original interior and exterior style. 

Inside Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks

This tsukubai will be one of the first you'd see when you enter the cafe

Time to order our coffee

...and some cake too!

Claim your coffee at the claiming area at the far end of the store

I ordered Matcha Green Tea Creme Frappucino

During our latest visit, we got to stay in one of the tatami-style rooms on the second floor. As expected, we had to remove our shoes before we get to "experience" sitting in traditional Japanese style while sipping our present-day beverages. Speaking of beverages, I ordered the Matcha Green Tea Creme Frappucino since it looks like a Japan-exclusive flavor.

Kyoto Edo-style Starbucks Ground Floor:

The ground floor hallway of Kyoto Edo-style Starbucks

The zen garden at the back of Starbucks

The stairs going up to the 2nd floor

Kyoto Edo-style Starbucks 2nd Floor:

The 2nd Floor hallway of Kyoto Edo style Starbucks

One of the dining areas of the store 

Before going sitting on the tatami mat, please remove your shoes

Good job Patrick! Remove your shoe first!

The stairs going down to the ground floor

It was nice to finally be able to visit Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks again after just a year as I frequently see posts about this on one of the Facebook pages that I follow. However, what made this visit more special was the fact that my parents and siblings were with us this time. Overall, nothing much changed (except the frappucino specials and the additional tax imposed by the government) since our last visit but what's important was the new memories we created with our loved ones. Something money won't be able to buy. 

Souvenirs worth buying:

Kyoto exclusive Starbucks card - 1000 yen

Japan Geography Series tumbler (KYOTO) - 2000 yen + tax

Team Nicerio in Edo-style Starbucks:

Team Nicerio in Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks 2019

Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks Operating Hours:

Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks is open from 8AM - 8PM every day.

Why Visit Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks?

Aside from the awesome drinks many love, Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks is a must-visit as it gives visitors an Edo-era feel while they sip their favorite coffee. Keep in mind though that this branch has a tendency to be filled by tourists quickly. Solo travelers might be in a disadvantageous position as they might get a challenge looking for available seats. Regardless, it also presents an awesome opportunity to meet strangers who are willing to share a seat at their table.  

Getting to Kyoto's Edo-style Starbucks:

From Kyoto Station, ride bus #206 and board down at the Kiyomizu-michi bus stop. From there, walk through Sannenzaka until you reach Ninnenzaka Slope where this Starbucks branch is located. 




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  1. This looks amazing! Such a beautiful setting. I'm more of a Costa man myself but would definitely visit here!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Looks so different than the starbucks by me!

    1. That's right. I'm happy to see that Starbucks adapts to the place it builds its branches on. :)

  3. I love visting Starbucks in other countries. I felt like I was there with you. Great post!

    1. Thank you Candle. I hope you get to visit this place. :)

  4. this starbucks looks so fun! i didn't know it's traditionally styled and fun, I would totally visit it if I knew

    1. I would love to know how Starbucks is in your place. :)

  5. Ang ganda ng Edo-style Starbucks ng Kyoto! Swerte mo! Sana makabisita rin ako diyan.

    1. Go lang. :) Include mo sa itinerary mo next time. :)


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