Hiking Mt. Maynuba

Our adventurous feet bring us to Barangay Cayabu which is located in the mountainous municipality of Tanay, Rizal. Today, we'll be hiking Mt. Maynuba which is one of the best places to view the scenic Sierra Madre mountain range, and if you're lucky, the breathtaking sea of clouds. The mountain is also called Mt. Maynoba by some.

Hiking Mt. Maynuba Rizal
Mt. Maynuba

Mt. Maynuba Details:

Mt. Maynuba is the collective name for the three peaks of one of the mountains in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range. These peaks are referred to by the guides as Peak 1, 2, and 3. Peak 1 stands 610 MASL, Peak 2 (the most famous of the three peaks) stands 662 MASL, and Peak 3 (the highest) is 728 MASL. 

Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynuba registration area

According to our guide, Mt. Maynuba got its name from "Manunuba ng Isda" which was one of the main livelihoods of the locals.
Off to the mountain

Here's a bit of river crossing

That's Mt. Cayabu at the distance, careful the mud eats sandals!

Mt. Maynuba is often partnered with the smaller Mt. Cayabu and the 8 Wonder Falls (yup, you read that right) of Tanay for what is dubbed the "Cayabu-Maynuba Loop + 8 Wonder Falls". Although this article will focus solely on Mt. Maynuba, you might want to read my past article about Mt. Cayabu to see if you'd be interested to hike it as well. 

Hiked Mt. Cayabu first

Mt. Maynuba as seen from Mt. Cayabu

Mt. Cayabu peak

Off to Mt. Maynuba, bye Mt. Cayabu

Now, going back to Mt. Maynuba, hikers can bypass the steep ascents of Mt. Cayabu by following the trail heading left from the fork at the foot of Mt. Cayabu. The path is pretty straightforward with a slow ascent in what is mostly a densely covered trail. Once you reach the part where Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynuba merges again, expect steeper ascent and lesser foliage as you continue your hike. 

Resting at Peak 1

Lunch at "the view deck"

The view from the view deck

Off to peak 2

From the jump-off point to Peak 1 it takes about two hours hike. Peak 1 has an area in which the guide calls "the view deck". It has a nice view of the valleys around the mountain. Our guide also pointed out the Special Action Force (SAF) headquarters near the peak of another mountain. However, I have yet to confirm this information.

Mt. Maynuba Peak 2 summit

Whew, what a rainy hike

Here's the tree that sheltered us from the rain... thank you!

Mt. Maynuba Sea of clouds

From Peak 1, Peak 2 can be summited in less than 30 minutes depending on one's pacing. Peak 2 is the most famous of the three peaks as it has the "Peak Marker" which is frequently included in group or solo photos. Aside from that Peak 2 is also the best place to view the sea of clouds.

Off to Peak 3

Peak 3 as seen from the trail

The rock of Peak 3
Didn't miss out to take a photo on the rock of Peak 3

From Peak 2, Peak 3 is another 45 minutes hike through mostly open terrain, so expect the full blast of the sun's heat during summer to the full force of the wind and rain during the wet season. Peak 3, although the highest does not have a "Peak Marker" like Peak 2, has an awesome "natural marker" in the form of a big rock protruding in the middle of the mountain's third peak. From here, hikers may choose to descent through the other side (highly recommended during dry season) as this leads to the 8 Wonder Falls of Tanay. However, if it's raining continuously for the last two days, I highly suggest that you go back the way you came as the river that you have to cross after the Wonder Falls might be swollen and dangerous. 

Mt. Maynuba - our 6th mountain this year

My cousins and I got to do the Cayabu- Maynuba Loop last July 2019. The weather was fine until we reached Peak 1 of Mt. Maynuba but turned worse when we reached Peak 3. We tried to continue to the 8 Wonder Falls but decided to backtrail based on the suggestion of our guide who fear that the river was already swollen (It truly was according to the other guide who barely to cross it). 

Goodbye, my trusted hiking boot! You've served me well.

It took us another 1 1/2 hours to return to the jump-off point. We were all wet but thankfully safe. The only casualty during this climb was my 7-year old Merrel hiking boot which finally gave up on me after being with me on numerous provinces and mountains.

Mt. Maynuba Itinerary:

4 AM - Arrival at Barangay Cayabu
4:20 AM - Finish registration and briefing with the assigned guide
4:30 AM - Final prep and then start of the hike.
6:30 AM - Peak 1
7:00 AM - Peak 2
7:45 AM - Peak 3
8-45 - 10 AM - Wonder Falls exploration
10-11 AM - Dip in one of the falls
11-12 NN - Lunch
12:30 PM - Trek back to the jump-off point

Why hike Mt. Maynuba?

Mt. Maynuba is one of the easy hikes in the province of Rizal. It's a perfect day hike destination. Aside from that, if you follow the Maynuba - Cayabu + 8 Wonderfalls trail, you'd surely say that your hike is worth it. Don't forget to take a dip in one of the waterfalls to complete the Maynuba experience.

Getting to Mt. Maynuba:

From Cubao, ride a jeep (P20-P25 pax) to Cogeo. From there, transfer to another jeep heading to Batangasan Junction (P45-50 pax). Upon boarding down at the junction, hop on a tricycle to Barangay Cayabu (P150 -200 / trike for 3 passengers). Tell the conductor to drop you off at the registration center for Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynuba. They know where it is. 


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  1. When an amazing adventure! I hope to go here someday

    1. Please do visit Mt. Maynuba when you're here in the Philippines. You'd surely love it.

  2. You were brave to continue the hike in the rain, it looks like you got so wet. It's nice that you cn hike up all three peaks in one day, even if that takes a bit of time.

    1. That's true Joanna, but that came with a terrible price as I found out that it damaged my phone as well.

  3. I love hiking and now my kiddos are getting to enjoy it also!! Great pictures!!!

    1. Thank you! You should bring your kiddos here. They'd surely love this place.

  4. you had such an amazing adventure. I was shocked looking at your shoes!😂

    1. Hahahaha. Well my shoe was about 5-years old already during this hike hehehe. I was actually expecting this.

  5. Sounds like you have had an amazing journey on the mountain.

    1. We did Simon. Mt. Maynuba is an amazing mountain to hike. =)

  6. This is a place worth visiting. I love your photos they're all great

  7. The view looks so peace and perfect nature I love hiking adventure and I will put this on my list awesome photos!

    1. Thank you Maysz! Join us in our next hiking adventure.

  8. ahhh such adventure. wish to do this one day! thank you for sharing!

  9. What a fun adventure! It's so much fun hiking through the clouds.

  10. Wow! amazing view. I love greenery, nature and mountains. Looks like a spiritual and a peaceful place!

    1. It truly is. Mt. Maynuba offers a lush forested trail perfect for hikers who love nature.

  11. your pictures 📸 are amazing! What a great choice for a hike. It looks like you guys really get 💯 out of your travel✈

    1. We did Rudy. Given the chance I'd go back and hike Mt. Maynuba again but this time. I'll make sure that it's not raining.

  12. Spending time amidst nature is always bliss.

    1. That's true Sanjota. That's the reason why I love hiking.

  13. Hello!! How do we contact a tour guide to help us in the climb?

    1. You can avail the services of the guides at the Tourist Information Center.


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