Awajishima - Hyogo

Located in the Seto Inland Sea and under the jurisdiction of Hyogo Prefecture, Awajishima (淡路島) or Awaji Island is the largest of the islands found in between Honshu and Shikoku island groups.

Awaji Island
Awajishima (淡路島) or Awaji Island

Awajishima Details

Awajishima has an area of 228.64 square miles. It is separated from Honshu by the Akashi Strait and from Shikoku by the Naruto Strait. The name Awaji originally means  "the road to Awa". Awa being the historic province in the Shikoku side of Naruto Strait which is now part of Tokushima Prefecture.

Awaji Island
Awajishima Route Map

Heading to Awajishima via Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Awajishima 2 kilometers away.

The island was finally connected to Kobe City in Hyogo Prefecture when Akashi Kaikyo Bridge opened on April 5, 1998. Together with the Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway and Onaruto Bridge which was opened to the public in 1985, Awajishima finally became a concrete link to Honshu and Shikoku.

Gotta love the view from Awaji Service Area

An article about Awajishima won't be complete without including the myth of its creation. According to the Japanese creation myth, Awaji was the first of the Oyashima islands born from the union of the gods Izanagi and Izanami. Historically, Awajishima was once a province until it became part of Hyogo Prefecture. Today, Awajishima consists of three municipalities which are Awaji, Sumoto, and Minamiawaji.

Ella with our Japanese family

Team Nicerio visits Awajishima

Awajishima is famous for their onions

My family and I got to visit Awajishima during our 10th day in Japan. Our Japanese family brought us to the island on a road trip to see the famed Naruto Whirlpools which forms in Naruto Strait

Things to see and do in Awajishima:

Cross Akashi Kaikyo Bridge - Japan's longest

Admire the view of the bridge and Kobe City from Awaji Rest Area

Try out the first and second-best burger in Awaji Island

Buy onion souvenirs and products

Eat Awaji's famous onions

Rent a boat at Minamiawaji to view the Naruto Whirlpools up close

Watch the Naruto Whirlpool from the viewing deck of Uzushio Deck Area

Other things to do and see in Awajishima:

- Watch the traditional puppet theater, the Awaji Ningyo-Joruri 
- Check out the Nojima Fault Preservation Museum in Hokudancho Earthquake Memorial Park
- Drive around Awajishima ( You can check out my first time driving in Japan video below)

Why visit Awajishima?

Overall, Awajishima is a perfect place to visit as it is seldom visited by foreign tourists. This gives it the "road less traveled" feel. Aside from that, the island is also perfect for nature lovers and food trippers. So what are you waiting for? Add Awajishima to your itinerary on your next visit to Japan.

Getting to Awajishima:

From Sannomiya in Kobe City, ride a highway express bus. The ride will take approximately 50 minutes to go to Awaji Yumebutai.  

You may ride the Awaji Kotsu from Sannomiya to Awaji which costs around 1850 yen.

Another bus line is the Honshi Kaikyu Bus, it's more expensive but allows you to visit more destinations. 

Once you are in Awajishima, you can go around the island by local bus.

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  1. I like that this is the 1st island created from the union of two gods. I also really appreciate the road sign you included. I can better imagine visiting Japan knowing I will be able to understand highway signs. I'm curious. At the roadside rest stop, there was a checkered pattern. Does that signify anything?

    1. Hello Bob! Thank you so much for visiting. I do hope you can visit Awajishima someday.

      The checkered pattern does not signify anything. It's just a design. =)

  2. What an amazing place to visit! I definitely want to go after
    Reading this!

    1. Hello Mrs. Type A. Please do visit Awajishima when you get a chance. =) Thank you.

  3. I have always wanted to visit Japan. Looks like an amazing place. I love learning about the folk lore! Like how Awaji was born of the other two gods. Stories like that make a place really come alive!

    1. Hello Tracy, same here. I love to learn the history and legends of a place. It makes the place or meaningful for me.

  4. Sounds like you enjoyed your trip! Great Photos!!

    1. I did. I really enjoyed Awajishima. I hope you get to visit it too.

  5. Wow! The view is breath-taking which convinced me more that Japan is definitely a must-visit country!

    1. Hi Nina. You should really visit Awajishima. =) You would definitely love it.

  6. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful place to visit!! Hope to get there one day!!

  7. That rest area view is absolutely beautiful

    1. I agree Vas. The rest area in Awajishima has the best view of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Japan's longest bridge).

  8. Such lovely pictures. Enjoyed reading the blog.

  9. This seems like an absolutely wonderful place to travel! I hope to be able to add it to my bucket list of places to see and get there one day!!

    1. Thank you. Please do add Awajishima to your bucket list of places to see. I would be looking forward to hear from you once you do visit it.


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