Foodtrip: Mitarashi Dango

Japan could probably be the best place to go food tripping. One can have an endless selection of dishes to try out. What's interesting is that each dish has its own unique variation in different prefectures and sometimes even from city to city.

Mitarashi Dango

During my 2018 Japan trip, I had a chance to try out a handful of different dishes but what "sticks out" among them was a variation of the dango that really fit my taste. For those who are unfamiliar with what a dango is, it is a Japanese dumpling similar to mochi. However, the dango is usually served on a skewer in groups of 3 to 5. Now going back to what I have written about earlier about variations, I got to try out one variation of the dango that I liked. It's called the Mitarashi Dango.

You have to try the Mitarashi Dango.

Gotta try this one!

The Mitarashi Dango is said to have originated from the Kamo Mitarashi Tea House in the Shimogamo area of the Sakyu-fu in Kyoto City. It was said to be named after the bubbles of the mitarashi which is the purifying water placed at the entrance of the Shimogamo Shrine

It looks like they are covered with caramel but they are not...

This variation of dango can be described as being covered with a sweet soy sauce glaze which gives it its glassy look and its unique "burnt" fragrance. The Mitarashi Dango is made mostly from mochiko and soft tofu while the mitarashi sauce is made from katakuriku (potato starch), sugar, soy sauce, and water. One can order 3 or 5 Mitarashi dango per stick. These are sold in some traditional tea houses but are now common supermarkets and convenience stores.


Mitarashi Dango is actually good with milk.

For those planning to create their own Mitarashi Dango, I have found a site that could help you with that. You can click HERE to check it out. 


Overall, I could safely say that the Mitarashi Dango is a good snack perfectly paired with a Cali drink or a San Miguel beer. You should try it out. 


  1. Japanese food is lovely. I should eat it more than I do.

    1. You should. =) I already miss Japan because of these.


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