Nuvali - Laguna

Located within the jurisdiction of the cities of Sta. Rosa, Calamba, and the municipality of Cabuyao in the province of Laguna, Nuvali is a mix of residential, recreational, and industrial developments that are already becoming a popular weekend getaway destination not only for those living in Laguna but also for those living in the neighboring provinces and cities.


Nuvali History

Long ago, the lands which are now occupied by Nuvali were once part of the land owned by the friars during the Spanish Colonial era. It was then acquired by a group of American entrepreneurs after the former Spanish masters were booted out of the country. They then developed the lands as a sugar plantation and in 1948. The land once again transferred ownership - this time to a Filipino statesman named Jose Yulo

Nuvali - Laguna

Where do you wanna go?

Let's go for a boat ride in Nuvali!

Read and be informed!

Read and be warned!

Years later, his family would collaborate with Ayala Land Inc. which would eventually give a new purpose for the said land. This "purpose" would be the beginning of Nuvali.

Nuvali Lakeside Picnic Grounds

Today, the former Friar land-turned-sugar plantation-turned high-end community is one of Laguna's pride. It doesn't stop there though, Nuvali is continuously being improved to satisfy the needs and the wants of its community and also the community around it.

Here's my favorite part of Nuvali: the lake with tons of carp!!!

Usually, when we say community, we'd be reminded of houses, streets, roads, and also buildings, but even if it is a high-end community, Nuvali is known for being a haven where man and nature coexist. Its 1860 hectare property is still covered with at least 80% nature. Nuvali's infrastructures were designed and built so that it would complement the beautiful scenery that surrounds it.

Try feeding the fish!

Ella visits Nuvali

Speaking of infrastructures and nature, NUVALI has the following:

Evoliving Center

Check out the art installments of Nuvali

  • Lakeside Evozone
  • Evoliving Center
  • Camp N'
  • Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary
  • Republ1c Wakepark
  • SEDA Hotel

Here are the fun things that you and your family could do:

  • off-road biking
  • trekking and bird watching
  • wakeboarding - Day Ride Rates P250/hour; P995/ 8 hours Night Ride Rates P350/hour; P800/ 4 hours these do not include the Wakeboard rental P350/ hour
  • boating
  • fish feeding
  • leisure biking
  • jogging or strolling
  • shopping
Koi feeding: P15 per bag

Bike Rental: 60 pesos/hour. You can bring your own bike and bike without charge.

Water Taxi ride: P30 pesos per person 

Team Nicerio in Nuvali

Nuvali Admission Fee:

There are no admission fees to enter and explore Nuvali. However, the bike rental, boat ride, and fish feeds have separate fees.

Nuvali Opening Hours:

Nuvali is open from 8AM - 8PM daily

Why visit Nuvali:

Nuvali is a new family destination for those living in Laguna and those who live in the southern cities of Metro Manila since SLEX makes Nuvali very accessible for them. It is highly recommended that you stay the whole day here while trying out some of the activities available. 

Getting to Nuvali:

If you're driving from Manila, head to South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). Once there, exit at Sta. Rosa Exit then turns right until you reach NUVALI.

Buses (Jam Liner) also travel from Makati (corner of Courtyard Drive and Station Road at the back of Hotel Intercontinental Manila) direct to NUVALI.

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  1. This is a great post! Nuvali is the best place to visit weekends, perfect for family and friends to chillax. Thanks for sharing


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