Maragondon Church - Cavite

Located in Col. Infante in Maragondon in the province of Cavite, Maragondon Church is one of the declared National Cultural Treasure of the country.

Maragondon Church

Maragondon Church History

Also known as the Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Church, Maragondon Church was said to have been built sometime in the 1580s. Like most old churches, it was first constructed using light materials which are of course prone to the damage done by Mother Nature. In 1630, the church was renovated and by this time it got a more elaborate furnishing. Then in 1633, the church was reconstructed, the bigger, sturdier stone church was finished sometime in 1646 to 1649.

Maragondon Church - Maragondon, Cavite

Let's go inside and take a look.

Maragondon Church interior

Maragondon Church pulpit

The podium near the altar

Maragondon Church left retablo

Maragondon Church right retablo

The main retablo of Maragondon Church

Images of saints and the Virgin Mary are displayed in the retablos

Maragondon Church facade

Sadly, a few years after its completion, the Spanish government ordered Maragondon Church to be torn down so that the stone could be used to fortify Manila against the invading Dutch. Years later in 1687, constructions for a new church began. However, due to undisclosed reasons, the construction halted. It was only in 1714 that Maragondon Church was finally completed.

Maragondon Church NHI Marker

Can you read the inscription?

What's unique about the architectural design of the Maragondon Church is that its facade is narrower and not squat as in other Jesuit churches. Aside from that its bell tower has no clear division between the stories making it look like an obelisk.

Check out the intricately made designs of the door

Here's a close-up photo of the door

The tombstones of the influential members of the community then are displayed in the church

What I like about Maragondon Church are its doors. These doors have masterfully carved designs of flowers, ships, and castles. Aside from that another eye-catching part of the church is its retablos. These retablos are all brightly polychromed. Overall, Maragondon Church is one of the must-see and must-visit churches in the province if not the Philippines.

The Backpack Adventures visits Maragondon Church

Maragondon Church Admission Fees:

It's FREE to enter and explore Maragondon Church and its grounds.

Why visit Maragondon Church?

In a way, Maragondon Church gives visitors an opportunity to feel the historic vibes of the town. It is one, if not, the oldest structure in Maragondon. Also, if you are doing a pilgrimage or Visita Iglesia around the province of Cavite then you should not miss this church out.

Getting to Maragondon Church:

From Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITx), ride a bus going directly to Maragondon if not going to Ternate. Tell the driver to drop you off at Maragondon town proper. From there, You can then walk to Maragondon Church from the town proper or ride a tricycle to bring you to it.

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  2. What a beautiful church, such ornate and intricate details. How far is Maragandon from Manila?

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  4. Ang ganda talaga ng Maragondon Church

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