Buffet 101 (MOA) - Pasay

Located at SM by the Bay area of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, Buffet 101 (MOA) is an eat-all-you-can restaurant that offers a variety of Asian and Western cuisines. 

Buffet 101 (MOA)

Buffet 101 (MOA) details

Buffet 101 (MOA) - Pasay City

SM Mall of Asia is home to numerous buffet restaurants, some of which I have tried and blogged already. What's good about having several of these eat-all-you-can restaurants in one area is the stiff competition. Each of these restaurants has its own unique way of telling the potential customers "Hey dine here, 'cause we're the best!" Since I have individual blog articles for the other buffet restaurants in the area, the spotlight for today is focused only on Buffet 101.

Facade of Buffet 101

Found in the far-end corner of SM by the Bay area near the Ferris Wheel, Buffet 101 has the privilege of having extra parking lots compared to the restaurants located in the midsection of SM by the Bay. 

There is nothing unique nor outstanding with the facade of Buffet 101. Worse can be said of the rear area facing the bay. One ironic thing that I have observed though is the "Pirate" theme park attraction beside the restaurant. People who grew up visiting the nearby Star City would be reminded of the name of the similar theme park ride which ironically is named like the buffet restaurant in the other end of the SM by the Bay area. (Talk about subtle advertising in the face of a competitor.) 

Please take a seat.

What Buffet 101 lacks in exterior design and style, is supplemented with its appealing interior design and the quality of its food. Speaking of food, the restaurant offers a wide array of dishes that are competitively pegged to match or defeat those offered by the other buffet restaurants.

Here are most of the dishes that I have seen and tried out during our food trip to Buffet 101:

Sauces and side dishes

Asian side dishes

You can ask the chefs to cook these for you

Fruit section

Crepe and ice cream section

High-grade meat and its sauces

More high-grade meat


some Japanese dishes

Shake and yogurt area with the men and women working there

Sushi area

Drinks area

Western side dishes

The ever-busy Asian section

Bread area

Candy section

Mixed cuisines

Cake area

Seafood section

Other dishes

Buffet 101 (MOA) rates

With mouth-watering food comes the price. Please check the picture below for Buffet 101 eat and drink all you can rates.

Buffet 101(MOA) rates

Buffet 101 (MOA) Operating Hours

Monday - Sunday: 11AM–3PM, 5PM–12AM

Some holidays affect the operating hours of Buffet 101. It's better if you call them in their contact detail.

Phone: +63 917 845 9989

Why visit Buffet 101?

Overall, I am highly satisfied with my dining experience in Buffet 101. I managed to try and taste almost all its dishes and I also have a list of favorites that I would like to eat again someday (hopefully soon). I highly recommend this place if you have the budget and appetite

I celebrated my birthday here last 2015
Just a piece of advice though, have a reservation before going to Buffet 101, it's usually full especially during weekends and holidays (or just about every day). One more thing, if it's your birthday or birth month, don't forget to bring an ID or birth certificate along with 3 of your pals because your dining is free (and your pals are not). 

Team Nicerio tries out Buffet 101 (MOA)

For more tips about eating in a Buffet restaurant please click the link below and read my blog article about it: 
Best Buffet Tips

Getting to Buffet 101:

From Manila, head to Gil Puyat LRT station and ride a multi-cab going to MOA then walk going to the Buffet 101 at the bay area of the mall. 

You could also ride a UV Express van going to MOA from Taft Ave. then walk going to Buffet 101 in the bay area of the mall.

If you don't feel like walking, then ride a taxi to bring you directly to Buffet 101.

Overall rating


  1. I was looking for Buffet 101 reviews and stumbled upon your blog on Google's 2nd page! Talk about high traffic! Nice one , Nice! XDDDD

  2. There are many people said that this is better than Vikings Luxury Buffet, so based on your review I will try the Buffet 101 soon. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Are they pet friendly?

    1. As far as I know, pets aren't allowed inside the restaurant.

  4. Lagi kaming kumakain ng x ko dito hehehe. Ayun mataba na siya ako naman walang pera. Hahahaha


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