Japan Diaries: Day 21 and 22

Day 21 January 8, 2015

Snowy Tsubasagaoka-kita

Snowy morning Japan! The cold weather outside demotivated me to go out today. I was actually planning to revisit Kyoto Prefecture today to check out the other old temples that I have missed during my first visit.

I'm loving this weather!

However, my wife and I decided to spend our day in Kameyama residence instead. To make this day special, we cooked lunch and dinner for our Japanese family. As expected they loved the dishes that we have prepared for them. As a matter of fact, Mr. Toshi even brought out one of his special sake for us to partake in and also as a way for us to celebrate the day. 

Pajama while cooking mode!

Three down, two to go!

Mr. Toshi and I stayed up late that night and talked about a lot of things like history and politics. We were also drinking various kinds of beverages (with low alcoholic content) while doing so. Before we called it a night, He promised me that he'd bring us to more beautiful places before we go back home. (That made my day of course.)

Day 22 January 9, 2015

Good morning Japan! We're blessed with another fine weather today. As much as we want to go out today, my wife and I decided to start packing up our luggage so that we could spend our remaining days here bonding with our Japanese family.

Good morning Japan!

Outside the Kameyama Residence

The park in front of Mr. Toshi's House

Ella enjoyed the obstacle course in the park

Can't believe Ella was just 1 year and a few months old...

The other park near Mr. Toshi's house

You won't miss these Vendo machines!

Mommy and Ella trying out the slide

That afternoon, my wife, daughter, and I strolled around the neighborhood of Tsubasugaokakita. We visited its parks (yup there's more than 1) which my daughter really enjoyed. We admired the beautiful houses and the cleanliness of its streets too (while counting how many Vendo machines this neighborhood has).

Afternoon stroll around the neighborhood

Team Nicerio in Kumatori

Check out how clean this park is

That night Mr. Toshi informed us that he'll drive us to a snow-covered mountain tomorrow. The mere mention of snow made us excited of course. (Finally, I could make my very first snow angel...) 

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