Japan Diaries: Day 18

Day 18 January 5, 2015

Tokyo Disneyland Day 1

Good morning from Japan! We had to wake up very early today to catch our flight at Kansai International Airport (KIX) going to Haneda Airport. Our chosen carrier for this flight is All Nippon Airlines or simply ANA. I was amazed because the plane used for this 1-hour flight was quite big compared to the planes we use in the Philippines and even the one that carried us to Japan.

Boarding our ANA flight to Tokyo Prefecture

It's a good choice... 

Saw Mt. Fuji for the first time


Anyways going back to our flight. It was about two-thirds of the flight when we saw what most tourists in Japan wanted to see -the majestic Mt. Fuji. It was a scene out of my dreams. From my seat (window seat on the left side of the plane), I got the privilege of seeing the most famous volcano in Japan like a VIP at a sold-out concert.

Just landed at Haneda Airport!

Bus to Tokyo Disneyland!

From Haneda Airport, we immediately boarded a bus that brought us to our destination -Tokyo Disneyland. This super famous theme park really lived up to its name. Die-hard Disney fans could be seen swarming every Disney character mascot on sight (some even give gifts and letters to these mascots). Once one enters the theme park, the Cinderella Castle gives visitors the magical feel that every kid and kid at heart dreams of.  

Tokyo Disneyland

On the first day of our 3-day Disney theme park adventure we got to experience the following attractions: (Thanks to the FastPass we got to enjoy them without spending too much time falling inline)

Hello Mickey!

A quick pose in front of the famed floral Mickey face

Dream fulfilled!

Aside from those we also got the chance to watch several parades throughout the day. I was dazzled most of all by the magical night parade which also capped up our first day in Tokyo Disneyland

Walking around the Tokyo Disneyland.

Enjoying the unique structures in the park

Trying out Goofy's car

Riding Pooh's honey jar

Speaking of Pooh. Gotta love this huggable plushie!

The famed Cinderella Castle

Pooh's float during the morning parade 

Mickey and Minnie's Float

Cinderella's Castle at night

The Toy Story and Nemo float during the night parade

After enjoying the parades and the rides, we retired to Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort to get enough rest for our 2nd-day adventure... this time at Tokyo DisneySea.

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  1. You're article is very straight forward and well written, you gain a new subscriber today.

  2. Even i am having fun while seeing your pictures. You really know how to enjoy life!

  3. wow, it looks like you are having lot of fun!

  4. What an adventure! I've always wanted to go to Disneyland. Seems like Disneyland in Japan is awesome. But I wouldn't know the difference fr other Disneyland because I haven't been to any. Enjoy your next adventure!

    1. Hi Cathclt, you should start visiting any nearby Disneylands. =) You'd surely love it.

  5. It was fun reading this and the pictures are lovely, great memories for you, blessings

    1. Thank you so much Biba, blessings to you too. =)

  6. This looks like such a fun trip! Your kids must have had a blast!

    1. Yah Ella really did have had a great time here. I wish to bring her back now that she's older. =)

  7. I would like to visit Fiji one day and Japan in general. Amazing article! :)

    1. Fuji is always a goal for me. Hope to climb it someday.

  8. I am planning on going to Japan next year, thanks for sharing!

  9. This is lovely, thank you for sharing your experience. Ive been planning to go to japan, especially Mt. Fuji. I even learned Nihongo but time didn't let me just yet. Hopefully soon.

    1. Praying that that day comes soon. =) I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it a lot.

  10. A very informative post. I am pinning this for later.

  11. Japan is my dream destination to visit in the future, luckily my husband has the same interest so it is somewhere we will explore together. Funnily enough I studied Japanese for a year when I was at University, I loved it and it just heightened my interest even further in the Japanese culture. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    1. Hello Nichola. Same here. I'm just so happy that I got to use my basic knowledge in Nihongo during my trip.

  12. What a cool travel itinerary - i will have to bookmark this.

  13. Great pics and wonderful experience.

  14. Lookz that you had a great time there. Thanks for sharing your experience :)


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