Japan Diaries: Day 13

Day 13 December 31, 2014

Rinku Town Visited 

Good morning Japan! Today is the last day of 2014. It's a great feeling that we are celebrating this special day with people close to our hearts.

My wife and I made use of this day to bond more with our Japanese family. The whole morning, I spent time bonding with the kids while my wife spent hers cooking her specialties. During lunch, we got the chance to talk about the places that we wanted to visit. Mr. Toshi also mentioned some places that he would want to bring us to in the following days. He talked about Mt. Koya and Mt. Kongo. Aside from that, he also talked about the famous deer of Nara Park

Rinku Town's Ferris Wheel

Of course, I got excited about the new places that we might visit in the near future but I also got worried because the 8GB and half of my 4GB memory card were already used up and I only have one spare 8GB memory card left.

They said that this one is one of the biggest in Osaka.

Enjoying every moment of this.

Team Nicerio in Rinku Town

That afternoon, Mr. Toshi asked us to accompany him and his family to the mall. I don't know why but I purposely left my camera at home during the trip. To my disbelief, we were actually heading to Rinku Town and not to AEON Mall. I have read about Rinku Town in one of my researches regarding the places to visit in Japan. It is known for the towering Ferris Wheel or that is the tallest in the South Bay area... and guess what... we got to ride it! Luckily Mr. Toshi probably noticed that I seem down and he asked me if I would like to take photos using his iPhone for documentation (of course I said YES!).

The view from the Rinku Town Ferris Wheel

Another view from the Rinku Town's Ferris Wheel

After the ride, we walked around the high-end shopping area and when night fell we drove to Kura Sushi which is a famous revolving sushi restaurant chain for our dinner. We enjoyed the wide variety of sushi dishes and other delicacies that night. We then headed back home after preparing for the New Year celebration. 

Happy New Year!

Compared to the colorful but noisy New Year celebration in the Philippines, the Japanese New Year is relatively quiet. We just ate soba and drank wine to celebrate the special day. Speaking of soba, it is a kind of noodle that when consumed before New Year is believed to bring long life.

The soba... noodles for long life!

It's perfect to pair the soba with juice with an alcohol content

Overall, it's my family's first time spending the New Year in another country. However, there's one lesson that I learned today and that is "Never ever leave your camera behind".

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  1. Seems like you had great fun. Japan is a beautiful place.

  2. Japan is Always a good Idea ! Thank you for sharing, and enjoy your stay there !

  3. My favorite thing about travel is trying new foods. I feel like food is the window to most culturs. looks like you had a great time!

    1. We did. Actually we're planning to visit again to try out more new things. =)

  4. Beautiful pictures. My wife and I hope to travel to Japan someday.

  5. I'm dreaming about Japan since I was a kid, I hope I'll visit it one day. Great tips!

    1. Same here, that's why when I got to visit it, it felt like a dream sequence.

  6. Lovely photographs and seems you had a great time in Japan. Well written post.

  7. Your trip through japan has given me some serious travel goals. Would love to explore this lovely country and gain my own perspective.

    1. I would love to hear from you again once you managed to explore Japan. =)


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