Camarines Sur: San Francisco Church

Located in Naga City in the province of Camarines Sur, San Francisco Church is one of the many religious establishments in the city of Naga.

Constructed sometime in the 17th century, San Francisco Church ironically served a double sided purpose. The church served the religious needs of the people while its infirmary and basement served as an interrogation and torture room for Filipinos suspected of being part of the Filipino Revolution of 1896. It was in this church that many innocent Filipinos died in the hands of the Spaniards. 

A peek at the church interior during a mass
Church altar
The left side of the church interior
The right side of the church interior
The church was also used as a fortress by 500 Spaniards and Filipino loyalists during the attacks of the Filipino revolutionaries led by Elias Angeles and Feliz Plazo in September 1896. After several weeks under siege the Civil Governor of Camarines surrendered to the Filipinos. with his surrender, the province of Camarines was freed from colonial rule.

Can you guess who they are?
San Francisco Church was the second church that  we visited when we had our Bicol road Trip. however, the church was actually the first one that I saw when we came in the city.
Church facade
Candles offered by devotees

My initial impression about the church is that it has a typical architectural design similar to that of the old Spanish Era churches. It turned out that the church has a newly refurbished facade and interior. The only remaining original structure is the bell tower ruins beside it.
Church facade seen from Plaza Quince Martires

Overall, San Francisco Church seems to be the most popular church in the city. It is due to the fact that the church lies beside the busiest road in the city proper in full view of all passing tourists. Hence, the church became one of the most famous icons of Naga City.

My mom and aunt posing for my blog
Getting there:

From Manila, ride a bus heading to Naga City. From there ride a tricycle to San Francisco Church.

Overall rating


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