Unisan Beach Getaway 2021

Eight days after our Mt. Batolusong hike, my cousins and I got another opportunity to go out of town again. This time, since we're going to the beach, we invited the whole family along. It's also a chance for us to celebrate Father's Day 2021 together during this time of the pandemic. Unisan Beach Getaway 2021 Day 1: June 20, 2021 Our 3-vehicle convoy headed to Malatandang Beach in the Municipality of Unisan in Quezon Province for this beach getaway. My cousin Eloi, booked us for an overnight stay in The Glampbox which was perfectly situated by Malatandang Beach . The arch going to Malatandang Beach in Barangay Kalilayan Ilaya Check-in time for  The Glampbox is 2PM. It will take us 4 - 4 1/2 hours drive from our place to Unisan so we left early at around 5AM. Because there are anti-COVID measures implemented in different provinces, we were asked by the resort to bring health certificates from our barangay so that we would be allowed in the Barangay Kalilayan Ilaya chec

Undas 2019

Christians celebrate November 1 as All Saints' Day. In the Philippines , it is referred to as Todos Los Santos , A raw ng Mga Patay, and Undas . It is also a holiday in the Philippines. It is a time for many Filipinos to go back to their provinces to visit the members of their families who already passed away. It is also a time for some to hold family reunions. Such is the case for our family.  Undas 2019 For Undas 2019, we hit the road again going to my mother's hometown of Atimonan in the province of Quezon. Here's how we spent our 3 days in the province: Day 1: November 1 My family and I left our house in Cavite at around 3:30 AM to pick up my cousins at McDo Southwoods. From there, we drove south via South Luzon Expressway then Star toll before continuing on to Quezon Province via the Maharlika Highway.  Destination reached! De Gracia Beach and Leisure Resort in Atimonan Oh! Are those my dad and uncle's pickup trucks? ...and there they are ta

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