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Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 2

Weekend 2: November 13-14, 2021 Biking around Rumoi City After a busy work week, I sure will not waste my weekend. For today's activity, I will bike around Rumoi City before the snow blankets the city. Please read on and find out how I spent my second weekend here in my new home - Rumoi City in Hokkaido Prefecture.  Day 12: November 13, 2021 Saturday - Biking around Rumoi 1 Yay! I already completed two full weeks here in Rumoi City. Well, it's getting colder and colder by the day. Like a bear, my sleep is getting longer and longer as well. Not to mention my food intake in the past few days.  My report for my MBA 303 Class However, before I hit the road I first had to report on Chapter 5: The Political Economy of International Trade for my MBA 303 International Business class. It went from 9AM - 12NN.  Let's go Basky ! The road to Senboudai Originally, I planned to bike to Senbodai which is a prominent hill overlooking Rumoi City. However, the cold weather and, as mentioned

Japan Diaries 4: Week 2

Week 2: November 8-12, 2021 Day 7: November 8, 2021  Monday - Rumoi  It's formally my first Monday as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) at Rumoi High School . I was invited to observe several classes today which would also be observed by the Hokkaido Board of Education. Arrived early for work @ Rumoi High School Here's my workload for the day: 2nd period - Class observation @ 3-2 of Kutsumi Sensei 3rd period - Class observation @ 2-56 of Shiko Sensei 5th period - Jiko shokai class @ 3-12 of Kutsumi Sensei English Club - Getting to know each other and school tour activity Time to go home. Rumoi High School (11/8/21) Day 8: November 9, 2021 Tuesday - Rumoi  It's another day at Rumoi High School . Today is the first time that I have 4 classes in one day. It's also the first time that I'd be in Sato Sensei 's class.  Rumoi High School work schedule Here's my workload for the day: 1st period - Jiko shokai class @ 2-6 of Sato Sensei 2nd period - Jiko shokai cl

Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 1

Weekend 1: November 6-7, 2021 1st weekend as an ALT in Rumoi City Hey guys! I'm sharing with you how my first weekend here in Rumoi went. Read on and find out how I spent my first weekend here in Rumoi City in Hokkaido Prefecture.  Day 5: November 6, 2021 Saturday - 1st Weekend in Rumoi City Good morning everyone!  It's my first weekend here in Rumoi City . I woke up at around 7AM and the temperature is about 9°. When I looked outside it seems like it going to rain, so I went back to bed to get an extra hour of sleep.  When I woke up at around 8:30AM, it was already raining as expected. I took the opportunity to do my laundry. I also continued unpacking my stuff from the other suitcase that arrived last November 2.  It was already after lunch when I finished with my tasks. Since the sun was already up during this time, I informed my wife that I'm planning to buy a bike based on our discussed plans a few days back to which she agreed.  Bought my bike at サカエヤプラスワン ( Sakaeya

Japan Diaries 4: Day 2

Day 2: November 3, 2021 Wednesday - Bunka no Hi / Culture Day   Bike Trip Today is a Tuesday and it's also a National Holiday here in Japan . The country is celebrating Bunka no Hi which is also referred to as Culture Day. It's my first holiday here and because there were no special activities/ events in Rumoi City to celebrate this holiday, I took the opportunity to borrow my predecessor's bike from its new owner to explore the city. Thankfully, she was generous enough to give me half a day to use it before she picks it up after lunch.  Mi casa and my predecessor's bike Before I left the house, I gave my omiyage (souvenir) to Sato Sensei , my neighbor who lives in from of me and is also a teacher at Rumoi High School .  Rumoi Information Centre Inside Rumoi Information Centre Before heading out, I actually researched where I want to go for today. like my previous trips, I always visit the tourism office of the city/town to get information about the city/town and als

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