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A Letter to 2021

Thank you for the 365 days that we've shared together. It was really a memorable one. Despite the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, there were numerous blessings and trips that came into my life. I also got to spend the majority of the year with my wife and daughter and to cap off this year, I got to visit Japan again, not as a tourist but as an Assistant Language Teacher in Rumoi City, Hokkaido Prefecture. What a perfect way to end the year.  Let's look back and see what milestones we've crossed and achieved this year. 1.  This year, there were 60  published articles (3 articles fewer than last year šŸ˜¢).  2. I have reached 2.6 million views (That's 400K new views this year).  3. We got a new car - a Nissan Navara. We named it  OSAKA . 4. I resigned from PAREF Southridge School where I worked as a Grade School teacher for 13 years. 5. My family and I got fully vaccinated against COVID 19. 6. I got to travel back to Japan late this year as part of the JET Programme. Speaking

Road to JET 2021: Timeline

Road to JET 2021: Timeline October 1, 2020  - Application for 2021 JET Programme was opened for Filipinos. I learned about it through the Facebook Page of the Embassy. I downloaded the application files and other requirements from the  Embassy of Japan in the Philippines Website . You can click this  LINK  to check it out. I downloaded the following files: Application Form (Word)  Application Guidelines (PDF)  Attachment Chart Sheet of Application (PDF)  Self- Report of Medical Condition (s) (Word)  Statement of Physician (Word)  The deadline for submission: January 8, 2021 . October - November 2020 - I worked on completing my requirements. Luckily, I have a copy of my Transcript of Records and Certificate of Graduation. It would have been challenging to acquire them as the country is facing COVID 19 pandemic and most schools are closed or has limited manpower.  November 9, 2020 - I contacted and informed my superiors about my plan and also asked them for the reference letters. Just

Road to JET 2021: Intro

Road to JET 2021 What is the JET Programme? JET Programme stands for Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme . It is a Japanese government initiative that aims to promote mutual understanding between the people of Japan and other nations. The program also aims to promote grassroots international exchange between Japan and other nations.  JET Programme started in 1987 and was exclusive mostly to native English-speaking countries. The program eventually expanded to become one of the largest exchange programs in the world having already invited thousands of educators, coaches, and coordinators for international relations. The JET Programme was opened to the Filipinos in 2014. Since then, the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines already sent around 200+ JET participants to Japan.  Do you want to know more about the JET Programme? Read more by clicking this LINK .  Road to JET 2021: Intro After my first visit to Japan way back in 2014 , I have dreamt of coming back to stay longer and hopef

Laguna Road Trip 2021

Laguna Road Trip 2021:  June 8, 2021   Laguna Road Trip 2021 It's time to hit the road once again. This time, Team Nicerio heads to the scenic province of Laguna on an unplanned road trip. Yup, you read that right, this is one of those rare times when we woke up early and just decided to drive without a definite destination in mind. Regardless, my wife and I both agreed that we'd drive south and see where the road takes us. Hence, after quickly preparing and packing breakfast for the road, we left home and drove towards South Luzon Express Way (SLEX) .  Alligator Lake is formally called Tadlac Lake We exited via Exit 50 / Turbina - Calamba Exit and continued on to the scenic Bucal Bypass which would lead us to Los Banos, Laguna . Halfway through we all decided to look for a place to stop by so that we could eat our breakfast.  Met a man fishing in Alligator Lake Ella visits Alligator Lake I remembered seeing a small lake in Barangay Tadlac in Los Banos in Google Maps when

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