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Japan Diaries 3: Day 5

Day 5 (December 23, 2019) Good morning from Kyoto City, Japan!
For today's adventure, we are going to shift gears from "Family Mode" to a "Tri-group Mode".
The first group consists of my parents and my sister Aya. They plan to have a walking tour around Kyoto Station and also go shopping for souvenirs and Christmas gifts for our relatives in the Philippines. 
The second group consists of my wife and daughter. They will be heading to our godfather's house in Kumatori, Osaka where they'd spend a few days. My wife plans to cook some dishes and desserts for our upcoming Christmas Eve dinner with them. 

The third group consists of me and my brother Patrick. We plan to visit Fushimi Inari Shrine and hike Mt. Inari. Afterward, we'll try to visit as many shrines and temples that we could for the day. 

For this article, I'll focus mostly on my adventures with my brother. Speaking of our adventure, it began early in the morning right after our hearty breakfast.…

Japan Diaries 3: Day 4

Day 4 (December 22, 2019)
Ohayou minasan!

It's another day of adventure here in Japan. Originally, we plan to visit Otsu City in Shiga Prefecture today to try out the Michigan Cruise in Lake Biwa. However, there were still plenty of amazing places in Kyoto that we haven't covered yet and it would be a shame to miss them out in exchange for only one destination. So, for today, we decided to explore around Rakuto Area which is better known as the Higashiyama Area of Kyoto City. 

As previously done, we woke up early, had breakfast, then headed to Kyoto Station to avail of the Kyoto City Bus One-Day Pass for today's tour. Then, we rode the bus #100 towards our first destination for the day - Yasaka Jinja Shrine

Yasaka Jinja Shrine is one of the most popular destinations to go-to for those who want to pray for the prevention of


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