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Tinago Falls - Iligan City

Tinago Falls   is known for its 240-foot water drop and its blue lagoon is one of the main tourist attractions of Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines . Tinago Falls Tinago Falls Details Tinago Falls - Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte The word Tinago is a Filipino term that means "to hide or be hidden." this is due to the fact that the falls are quite hidden in a deep ravine. To get there, you are required to trek the 500-step winding staircase. This not-so-attractive signboard would greet you upon arriving at the falls. You have to go down the 500-step stairs to reach the falls 300 more steps to go! As you arrive at the base of the waterfall, a captivating azure lagoon awaits to welcome you. Nestled behind the cascading curtain of water, there lies a quaint and enticing cave beckoning for exploration. The beautiful Tinago Falls .  Amidst our visit to the falls, throngs of tourists reveled in its splendor. Nevertheless, it remained an awe-insp

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