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Moseushi Shrine - Hokkaido

Moseushi Shrine ( 妹背牛神社 ), located at 466 Imoseushibatake in Moseushi, Hokkaido Prefecture, is a village shrine with a history dating back to 1899. Moseushi Shrine Moseushi Shrine details Genzo Mori founded Moseushi Shrine , also known as Imoseushi Shrine , in its current location on September 15, 1899. He founded Moseushi Town while serving as the principal of Sapporo Agricultural College. Moseushi Shrine  ( 妹背牛神社 ) With the development of Moseushi Town during the Taisho Era (1912-1925), The population also increased. With the prosperity brought by the town's development, the shrine also improved. The main shrine was refurbished and a shrine office was also built.  Moseushi Shrine main torii gate Horse Statue inside Moseushi Shrine Moseushi Shrine temizu Moseushi Shrine was promoted and listed as a village shrine on September 28, 1928. Since then, the shrine has seen plenty of improvements with the continued progress of the town.  Currently, the following deities are enshrine

Moseushi Town Folk Museum - Hokkaido

Moseushi Town Folk Museum ( 妹背牛町郷土館 ) is where important historical objects about the town of Moseushi are housed and presented. This museum is located at 247-5 Moseushi town in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan .  Moseushi Town Folk Museum Moseushi Town Folk Museum details In 1931, the  Moseushi Town Folk Museum  was constructed as a village office. Its symmetrical architectural style is influenced by the French design that was popular at the time. Moseushi Town Folk Museum - Moseushi Town, Hokkaido Prefecture Approximately 600 priceless artifacts are currently on display at the Moseushi Town Folk Museum . These items date from the time of reclamation until the present. The Lion Head and Tengu Masks, Moseushi Town's Designated Cultural Property No. 1, can also be found here. Welcome to  Moseushi Town Folk Museum These are different areas of the museum: Folk Performing Arts Exhibition Room Special Exhibition Room Educational Exhibition Room Administrative Exhibition Room Lion Head Exhibi

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