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Gifu Castle - Gifu

Located in the city of Gifu in Gifu Prefecture, Gifu Castle ( 岐阜城 )  is a mountaintop castle that stands as one of the symbols of the city.  Gifu Castle  ( 岐阜城 ) Gifu Castle History Built by the Nikaido Clan during the Kamakura Period sometime between 1201 to 1204, Gifu Castle was once called Inabayama Castle by its original owners. It was a formidable castle which overlooks the surrounding countryside of then Mino Province. On September 13, 1567, the castle and its defenders under the leadership of Saito Tatsuoki of the Saito Clan came under siege by the numerically superior army of Oda Nobunaga.  Gifu Castle - Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture Gifu Castle as displayed at Mt. Kinka Ropeway Station Make sure to get some brochures at Kinkazan Ropeway Station We rode the ropeway up Mt. Kinka Despite its strategical and strong position on top of Mt. Inaba, the castle still fell to the hands of Oda Nobunaga due to his cunning strategy of sending in sixteen men to sneak

Mount Kinka Ropeway - Gifu

Located in 257 Senjojikishita, Gifu City in Gifu Prefecture, Mount Kinka Ropeway  ( 金華山ロープウェー )  also called Kinkazan Ropeway is an aerial lift line that brings visitors to the top of Mt. Kinka . Mount Kinka Ropeway  ( 金華山ロープウェー ) Mount Kinka Ropeway History Operated by the Gifu Kanko Sakudo , Mt. Kinka Ropeway opened in 1955. The ropeway gate or the station at the foot of the mountain is built in the vicinity of Gifu Park while the summit station was built around 320 meters on top of the mountain. The ropeway line has a distance of 599m or 1966 feet.  Mt. Kinka Ropeway - Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture Welcome to Kinkazan Ropeway Inside Kinkazan Ropeway Station Check out that map of Gifu Castle Riro-chan, Kinkazan's mascot The gondolas have a passenger capacity of 46 people per cabin. It operates at a speed of 3.6 meters per second which means that a one-way trip takes approximately 3-4 minutes. Riding Mt. Kinka Ropeway is not free though. Check out the 2018

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