Letter of Apology

Dear Valued Readers,

As you all know, summer vacation in the Philippines is coming in fast. As a travel blogger, this is the perfect time for me to visit new locations and create quality blog articles. Sadly, being a freelance blogger means I use my own funds for every trip... and this of course is a big drawback for me. 

Because of this, I have decided to put ad placements in my blog to generate some income. Most of the ads are basic "ignore me" ads but there are also ads that are POP-UP types and Footers

Now, this is the reason why I'm writing this apology letter to you guys. There would be times when pop-up ads would appear or a new window would open revealing ads when you click on a link in my blog

For this, I'm apologizing in advance, but rest assured these pop-up windows and footers are not malware or virus sites. They are legit and could be useful to some people. However, if you find the ads inappropriate or contain adult materials please do let me know so that I could report them to the advertising sites. 

For assurance purposes, my ads are from a legit site called Adsettra. You could apply for ads for your blog too if you like. 

Again I humbly apologize for the pop-ups and ads that litter my blog.

Thank you for your understanding heart!

Neil Alvin Nicerio
The Backpack Adventures


  1. Are you trying to earn money from your websites or blogs by using popup ads?
    If so, have you ever used PopCash?

    1. Hi there! I haven't tried it yet.
      Is that better than RevenueHits?


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