Camiguin: Sunken Cemetery

Found in Barrio Bonbon, Catarman in the island province of Camiguin, the Sunken Cemetery is one of the most popular and most visited tourist site in the province. The Sunken Cemetery is known by many as the giant cross that is protruding on the sea.

So what's the story behind the cross? According to historical accounts, the Sunken Cemetery was once the official cemetery of the old Capital of Camiguin. However, during the 1871 eruption of Mount Vulcan, portion of the capital, including the town's cemetery, sunk underneath the sea. in 1982, the giant cross made from solidified lava was erected to mark the former community cemetery.
Trying to find the perfect angle.
Zoom in
Scientific research shows that the area where the cemetery now lies has been sinking deeper due to tectonic movements.

Today, the Sunken Cemetery offers tourist a unique diving or snorkeling experience. Sadly for me though, It was high noon when my wife and I visited the Sunken Cemetery. We managed to take pictures but we did not try going near the big cross due to the unforgiving heat of the sun.
One of the few shots I had here with my wife.
In case you want to go near and "touch" the giant cross, you could rent a banca which costs P20.
If you want to go to the cross you have to ride a banca like this.
Looks like:
An artificial reef
The dead bodies

Getting there:

Airline companies offer flights to Cagayan de Oro Airport (Laguindingan Airport).
From there  ride a van to Agora Market.  From there that will bring you to the Balingoan Port in Cagayan the Oro.
van fare to Agora: P200
van fare to Balingoan Port: P150
Board a fast craft going to Benoni Port.
Fast craft fare: P550-750
From Benoni Port in Camiguin you have a variety of transportation choices. 
(It's a wise choice to haggle first before acquiring someones services.)
Motorcycle: P400-500 a day
Motorela (tricycle): P800-1000 a day
Multicab: P1500-1700 a day

In our case we had a prearranged tour. We rented a multicab to tour us around the province for two days.


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    1. Thanks once again pal. =)

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