Biei Roadside Station - Hokkaido

Biei Roadside Station (道の駅 びえい) is one of 128 roadside stations all over Hokkaido and is located at 1-9-21 Honmachi in the town of Biei in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Biei Roadside Station

Biei Roadside Station details

Formally called Biei Roadside Station Oka no Kura (道の駅 びえい・丘のくら) or Warehouse on the Hill, Biei Roadside Station is actually a renovated warehouse built during the early Taisho era (1912-1926). 

Biei, Hokkaido Prefecture
Biei Roadside Station Oka no Kura (道の駅 びえい・丘のくら) - Biei, Hokkaido Prefecture

It was registered as a Michi no eki or roadside station last March 1, 2007, and was given the registration number 97. As mentioned, the Biei Roadside Station is an old structure that was renovated and repurposed to become a roadside station. That's why its facade still looks maintains its architectural design but inside it looks a bit modern. 

Inside Biei Roadside Station

Some products to buy in Biei Roadside Station:

Sake and wine made from the region

Biei Pork

At present, Biei Roadside Station houses a special product sales corner that sells many souvenirs and processed agricultural products made and produced by the locals of Biei. 

Biei Roadside Station restaurant

There is also a snack and restaurant corner which serves dishes using locally grown produce as main ingredients. One of the recommended dishes here is the Biei Curry Udon

Event space on the second floor of Biei Roadside Station

Lastly, there is an event space on the second floor of the roadside station where photo and art exhibits by local artists are held regularly. It's a good place to check out if you have some time to spare.

Team Nicerio visits Biei Roadside Station

Ella loved the soft cream from Biei Roadside Station

I got to visit Biei Roadside Station with my family last June 25, 2022, which was my 236th day here in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) under the JET Programme. During our visit, I bought the Hokkaido Road Station Stamp Rally 2022 Stamp Book for 300 yen. This also means that the Biei Roadside Station is the first stamp in my stamp book. 

Hokkaido Road Station Stamp Rally 2022 Stamp:

Biei Roadside Station Stamp

Biei Roadside Station Stamp

Biei Roadside Station Operating Hours:

September - May (9AM - 5PM)
June - August (9AM - 6PM)

Closed during the Year-end and New Year Holidays (12/31-1/3)

Kuomugi Shokudo - 11AM - 3PM

Why visit the Biei Roadside Station?

Biei Roadside Station is a perfect place to stopover when you're on a long trip and passing through the town of Biei. If you collect roadside stamps then this place should be on your list of places to visit. 

Getting to Biei Roadside Station

The best way to reach Biei Roadside Station from Asahikawa or Sapporo is by car. 

However, if you are planning to commute then here's how: 

From Asahikawa City, go to JR Asahikawa Station and ride the Furano Line. Board down at Biei Station. From there, the Biei Roadside Station is a few meters away on foot. 

Train Fare: 820 yen
Travel time: 35 minutes




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