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At present, with a population of about 1.95 million, Sapporo City is the most densely populated city in Hokkaido Prefecture. That is why it's no surprise that the city has a wider variety of transportation compared to the other cities in the prefecture. While most cities in Hokkaido have buses and trains Sapporo is the only one with a subway line, and mind you, it doesn't only have one but three subway lines. These are the Namboku Line, Toho Line, and the Tozai Line. 

Tozai Subway Line Sapporo 

For today's article, I'll focus on one of those subway lines. Read on and discover the Tozai Subway Line of Sapporo City. 

Tozai Subway Line Sapporo Details

Tozai Subway Line - Sapporo City Hokkaido Prefecture

The Tozai Subway Line opened on June 10, 1976. Its name 東西線 literally translates to "East-West Line". It has a total rail length of 20.1 kilometers that runs from Miyanosawa Station to the east. To date, the Tozai Subway Line is the longest among the three subway lines in Sapporo City. It also has the most number of stations with a total of 19 in total compared to the Namboku Line with 16 and the Toho Line with 14. 

Sapporo Subway Lines

The stations of the Tozai Subway Line 

For visual reference, the Tozai Line is color-coded orange while its stations carry the letter T followed by its station number. Below are the stations of the Tozai Subway Line and the places of interest near it. 

Tozai Line Sapporo Station 1-9

T01 - Miyanosawa
Places of Interest
Teine Memorial Museum
Shiroi Koibito Park

T02 - Hassamu-Minami
Places of Interest
Hassamu-Chuo Station, JR Hokkaido
Hassamu-Minami Station

T03 - Kotoni
Places of Interest
Kotoni Tonden Heioku
Kotoni Shrine
Penny Lane 24

T04 - Nijuyon-ken
Places of Interest
Sapporo Race Course
Nijuyonken Park
Nijuyonken Suzuran Park
Sapporo Central Wholesale Market

T05 - Nishi Nijuhatchome
Places of Interest
Kyoei Park

T06 - Maruyama Koen
Places of Interest
Maruyama Park
Hokkaido Jingu
Maruyama Zoo

T07 - Nishijuhatchome
Places of Interest
Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art
Migishi Kotaro Museum

T08 - Nishi Juitchome
Places of Interest
Sapporo Archives Museum / Sapporo Shiryokan
Odori Park

T09 - Odori
Places of Interest
Odori Park
Sapporo TV Tower
Tanukikoji Shopping Street
Nijo Fish Market
Hokkaido Government Office (Akarenga)
Sapporo Clock Tower

Tozai Line Sapporo Station 10 -15

T10 - Bus Center Mae
Places of Interest
Odori Bus Center
Chitosetsuru Sake Museum
Sapporo Factory Shopping Complex
Hokkaido Shrine Tongu
Toyohira River

T11 - Kikusui
Places of Interest
Toyohira River
Super ARCs Kikusui Store
Shiroishi Koko Road

T12 - Higashi Sapporo
Places of Interest
Shiroishi Koko Road

T13 - Shiroishi
Places of Interest
Nango Oka Park
Shiroishi Koko Road

T14 - Nangonanachome
Places of Interest
Mansei Park
Hondo Shopping Street
Asahi Beer Hokkaido Brewery
Asahi Beer Garden Hamanasukan

T15 - Nangojusanchome
Places of Interest
Shiroishi Shrine
Road One Stadium Sapporo

Tozai Line Sapporo Station 16 - 19

T16 - Nangojuhatchome
Places of Interest
Shiroishi Higashiboken Park

T17 - Oyachi
Places of Interest
Super 2nd Street Oyachi Shop
Oyachi Shrine
Hokusei Gakuen University
LDS Sapporo Temple

T18 - Hibarigaoka
Places of Interest
Baba Park
Aoba Central Park
Kaminopporo Park

T19 - Shin Sapporo
Places of Interest
Sapporo Science Center
Sunpiazza Aquarium
Historical Village of Hokkaido
Hokkaido Museum

My Tozai Subway Line Eki Stamp Collection:

Eki Stamps

I got to extensively ride the Tozai Subway Line during my winter vacation last January 2, 2022. I actually went on an eki-stamp hunt and visited all 19 stations of the Tozai Subway Line. The whole adventure took me almost 4 hours to complete. 

Tozai Subway Line Fare

Choose which ticket you want

Regular tickets costs between 210 - 380 yen (adult) and 110 - 190 yen (child) depending on the distance.

One Day Ticket - Unlimited ride on all subway lines costs 830 yen (adult) and 420 yen (child).

Donichika Ticket 

Donichika Ticket - Unlimited ride on all subway lines for a day costs 520 yen (adult) and 260 yen (child). However, keep in mind that this ticket is available only every weekend and during National Holidays. 

Tozai Subway Line Operating Hours

Tozai Subway Line operates from 6AM - to 12 midnight.

Why ride the Tozai Subway Line?

The Tozai Subway Line has stations located near some of Sapporo's most famous tourist spots. Aside from that, if you visit during the weekends or holidays, you can avail yourself of the very affordable Donichika Ticket. This allows you unlimited ride to Sapporo's subway lines for a day allowing you to visit multiple locations on a budget. 

Getting to Tozai Subway Line


There are plenty of ways to reach the Tozai Line depending on what station you are close to but if you are coming from New Chitose Airport, you will need to ride the Rapid Airport Train from New Chitose Airport Station to Shin Sapporo Station. From there you simply need to walk for about 4 minutes to reach the Shin Sapporo Station of the Tozai Line. 

Fare: 1410 yen
Travel Time: 28 minutes




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