Malatandang Beach - Quezon

Malatandang Beach is a tranquil beach with fine light brownish sand, predominantly in the municipality of Unisan but also in Agdangan, both in the province of Quezon.

Malatandang Beach

Malatandang Beach Details

Malatandang Beach measures around close to 5 kilometers from its southernmost tip in Barangay Kalilayan Ibaba in Unisan to the other end in Barangay Salvacion in Agdangan.

Malatandang Beach - Unisan & Agdangan, Quezon

The best time to visit Malatandang Beach is during the months of January to early April when it's not too hot, there's less rainfall, and the water is calmer. May to late June might be too hot and humid but still tolerable. By June to the "ber" months, the town experiences the Habagat or southwest monsoon. This is characterized by frequent heavy rainfall and a prevailing wind from the west. This is also jellyfish season in Malatandang Beach so be very careful when swimming on the beach.

Photos of Malatandang Beach

Malatandang Beach with my cousins

Sunset in Malatandang Beach

The southernmost part of Malatandang Beach

Speaking of jellyfish season, some of my relatives were stung by jellyfishes during our Unisan Beach Getaway last June 20-21, 2021. Luckily, none of them were severely hurt. The worse only being my cousin Sam who still had visible sting marks weeks after.

Warning! Jellyfish!!!

Malatandang Beach
Look at what we caught! A jellyfish!

Other creatures that we saw on Malatandang Beach

Regardless, the bad experiences we encountered in Malatandang Beach wouldn't outweigh the fun and memorable experiences that we had. 

The Glampbox

Celebrating Father's Day in Malatandang Beach

We stayed in The Glampbox which was strategically located near the middle of Malatandang Beach. Since we had the whole place exclusively for ourselves, we managed to relax and enjoy our stay more. 

Ella enjoying her time on Malatandang Beach

Daddy and Ella bonding time

Team Nicerio visits Malatandang Beach

Overall, the clean waters of Malatandang Beach only mean that it is teeming with life. During times when the waves are calmer, you could clearly see small fishes swimming about in its clear water. During our visit, we saw different sea creatures like sea cucumbers, crabs, and even sea snakes. Don't forget to bring your own snorkel though as there were no rental places here. 

Malatandang Beach rates

It's FREE to visit and explore Malatandang Beach. You don't have to pay any environmental fees. However, if you are coming in from Manila, you might as well check in to one of the resorts here to fully maximize your stay. Rates go from 1000 - 3000 pesos per night depending on where you plan to stay.

Why visit Malatandang Beach?

Malatandang Beach is one of the best weekend getaway destinations in Quezon province. On a perfect day, the water is calm and clean. You can snorkel all day if you are up for that or walk the whole length of the beach from end to end early in the morning. If you brought your frisbee or volleyball, you might have extra activities to do. If you just want to bum around, bring sunblock and look for your spot along the beach.

Getting to Malatandang Beach

From Buendia, Pasay, or Cubao board a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal or SM Lucena.
Bus fare: 210 -280 pesos
Travel time: 3-4 hours depending on traffic

Once you reach Lucena Grand Terminal / SM Lucena, transfer to a van or bus going to Unisan.
Fare: Van - 80 pesos / Bus - 60 pesos
Travel time: 1-2 hours

From Unisan town proper, ride a tricycle going to Malatandang Beach.
Fare: 50 pesos
Travel time: 30 minutes




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