Unisan Beach Getaway 2021

Eight days after our Mt. Batolusong hike, my cousins and I got another opportunity to go out of town again. This time, since we're going to the beach, we invited the whole family along. It's also a chance for us to celebrate Father's Day 2021 together during this time of the pandemic.

Unisan Beach Getaway 2021

Day 1: June 20, 2021

Our 3-vehicle convoy headed to Malatandang Beach in the Municipality of Unisan in Quezon Province for this beach getaway. My cousin Eloi, booked us for an overnight stay in The Glampbox which was perfectly situated by Malatandang Beach.

The arch going to Malatandang Beach in Barangay Kalilayan Ilaya

Check-in time for The Glampbox is 2PM. It will take us 4 - 4 1/2 hours drive from our place to Unisan so we left early at around 5AM. Because there are anti-COVID measures implemented in different provinces, we were asked by the resort to bring health certificates from our barangay so that we would be allowed in the Barangay Kalilayan Ilaya checkpoint. 

The road going to Malatandang Beach

The trip to Unisan was fast due to the fact that there were fewer travelers and motorists on the road. True enough, there was a barangay checkpoint for those entering Barangay Kalilayan Ilaya. Just a head's up, they don't accept vaccination cards here. They strictly require you to present the health certificates from your barangay.

The Glampbox parking area

From Padre Burgos - Agdangan National Road, we entered a narrow road up until Calilayan Cove Beach Resort. From there, we had to navigate an almost 300-meter unpaved one-way road to reach the parking area of The Glampbox

Ella visits The Glampbox

Inside The Glampbox

Home for the day: The Glampbox

Happy Father's Day 2021

Lunchtime - Liempo! Yum!

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed as the parking was outside the resort. It was also unpaved, small, and can only accommodate around 4 vehicles. Thankfully, the locals here were friendly and nice so it lessened our concerns with our vehicles. We arrived a little past 12NN since we had several stopovers along the way. We immediately unloaded our stuff from the vehicles so that we may already eat our lunch. 

Time to explore Malatandang Beach

Malatandang Beach

Ella enjoying the Malatandang Beach

The young ones didn't waste time and immediately took a dip

While we explored the southern part of the beach

The rocky southern end of Malatandang Beach

After lunch and after resting a bit, my cousins and I decided to explore Malatandang Beach. We walked from the resort going to the southeastern-most part of the beach. 

Sea creatures we found on Malatandang Beach

It's Jellyfish Season in Malatandang Beach when we visited.

Check out what we caught - jellyfish

Sadly, some of my cousins were stung.

During our walk, we were able to pick up several unique-looking shells, a sea cucumber, and believe it or not, a sea snake. We brought these back to the resort to show the kids before eventually returning them back to the beach. At noontime, we rested and played the card games that my brother Patrick brought like Codenames and UNO. 

Family bonding time: Codenames

UNO competition

That afternoon, most of us swam on the beach. However, we soon discovered that it was jellyfish season. Some of my cousins got stung by jellyfishes. Luckily, the kids were unharmed as they were in shallow waters.

Sunset viewing in Malatandang Beach

Checking out our tents

Dinner time!

Family bonding time for the kiddos

As usual, that night, we had our drinking session/life coach session where we got to share about our pains, successes, and dreams. Everyone was so participative that the next thing we knew it's already way past midnight. I slept around 2AM while the others continued drinking until early morning. 

Day 2: June 21, 2021

Good morning, today is a sunny Monday. It means I have to report for work. Thank God, we were only required to attend meetings virtually. I set up a table by the beach where the internet connection was strongest. However, the connection was still intermittent which caused me to come in and out of the meeting.

Woke up early to see fishermen unloading the crabs that they caught.

We bought some newly caught crab to bring home.

An early morning stroll down Malatandang Beach

I set up my work area by the beach. The view was awesome but it was windy though...

Time to work! Darn, internet connection is unstable...

My morning meeting ended a little before noon, perfect timing for lunch. After eating lunch, there was still time before the check-out time. So my wife, daughter and I took the opportunity to stroll down Malatandang Beach.

Team Nicerio visits Malatandang Beach

This place is perfect for couples on a weekend date.

We checked out of The Glampbox before 2PM and drove back home. 

Drive back home from Unisan to Cavite

Stopoever at Mcdonald's Villa Escudero

Food trip while waiting for my sister Aya to finish her exam

We also killed time by playing badminton

Like our drive the day before, everything was smooth and there was little traffic. However, my sister Aya has an exam that afternoon, so we stopped over at McDonald's Villa Escudero until 7PM. 

From there, we reached home at around 10PM, officially ending our Unisan Beach Getaway 2021

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