Boracay Revisited 2020: Day 4

Boracay Revisited 2020: Day 4

Day 4 February 4, 2020

Good morning everyone! This is it, our last day in Boracay Island. 

Another beautiful morning in Boracay Island.

Last dip before going back home.

Breakfast time!

Gotta eat a hearty meal before our trip to Kalibo.

We woke up early as usual to take the opportunity to do one more early morning dip before our complimentary breakfast at Diamond Water Edge Resort

Bye for now Boracay!

Rode this trike to Cagban Port

After breakfast, we spent the whole morning doing the final preparations for our 7:40PM flight to Manila. We checked out of Diamond Water Edge Resort around 11AM. From the resort, we hopped on a tricycle going to Cagban Port. The travel fare for 3 adults and a child is 450 pesos.

Boat fare to Caticlan Port - 30 pesos pax

Terminal Fee - P100

Time to board the boat to Caticlan Port

See you again Boracay!

We then rode a boat from Cagban Port to Caticlan Jetty Port. We paid a terminal fee of 100 pesos and a boat fare of 30 pesos. From Caticlan Jetty Port, we bid farewell to my father-in-law who's riding a plane back to Butuan in the nearby Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (Caticlan Airport). 

Van to Kalibo - adult: 200 pesos pax / child: 150 peso pax

My wife, daughter, and I, on the other hand, booked a flight to Manila via Kalibo International Airport. This means we had to ride a van from Caticlan to Kalibo Airport. The van fare is 200 pesos per adult and 150 pesos for a child. Travel time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Miggy's Place Resto and Bar

Inside Miggy's Place Resto and Bar

Tried out their chicken inasal

We also tried out the Double Burger

We arrived at Kalibo International Airport around 2:30PM. Since our flight is still at 7:40PM we stayed for a few hours at Miggy's Place Bar & Resto. We tried the Double Burger (169 pesos), Chicken Inasal (149 pesos), Batchoy (95 pesos), and halo-halo (129 pesos).

We enjoyed the scenery while eating and waiting for our flight. 

We boarded Cebu Pacific flight DG6318 bound to Manila right on the dot (7:40PM). We arrived in Manila at 9:10PM. Just to share, it was the first time that I rode a propeller plane in life.

Kalibo International Airport was under renovation during our visit.

That wrapped up our 4-day Boracay Island vacation. Also, this is our last out of Luzon trip for the year as the government locked down the whole country a few weeks later due to the pandemic. Thank you for joining us in this series. See you on my next adventure. 


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