Boracay Revisited 2020: Day 3

Boracay Revisited 2020: Day 3

Day 3: February 3, 2020

Good morning everyone!

Early morning stroll in Boracay Island

It's our third and last full day here in the paradise called Boracay Island. So far, I have revisited several places that I've been to several years ago. 

Swam near Willy's Rock again

My beautiful wife + the beauty of Boracay

Tatay and Ella bonding


Today, I'm planning to check out what's beyond Station 1. However, before that, I'd join my family first for an early morning dip in the crystal clear waters near Willy's Rock. However, my wife and daughter wanted to try out the Tala dance craze first, of course, being the ever-supportive husband and dad, I volunteered my services to record a video of them doing this dance craze. 

Breakfast at Diamond Water Edge Resort

More swimming time for Ella

Ella and her Korean friend

Like yesterday, we then took a dip for an hour or two before heading back to Diamond Water Edge Resort to freshen up and then eat out a complimentary breakfast. After the hearty meal, I invited my wife to join my stroll from the resort to beyond Station 1 to an area referred to in Google Maps as  Diniwid BeachMy wife politely declined as wished to rest before packing up our things later. My father-in-law and daughter also preferred to stay behind to swim on the beach in front of the resort.

Checking out White Beach on my way to Diniwid Beach

Lambros Point as seen from White Beach

Lambros Point

From the Diamond Water Edge Resort, it took me around 15 minutes to reach the man-made pathway at the northwestern end of Station 1. I then followed the path until I reached the tip of Lambros Point. The path then became a little bit narrower thankfully there is a guide rope until the far side of the pathway.

Diniwid Beach

The Backpack Adventures visits Diniwid Beach

From this part, I was first greeted by large rocks protruding off the beach sands. In just a few meters away, the beach turned out to look like an extension of Boracay Island's famed White Beach so I didn't miss out on the opportunity to take photos and relax under the shade of one of the trees near the beach. Diniwid Beach also has powdery white sand and crystal clear waters. What I like about Diniwid Beach was that it has far lesser people than White Beach

Heading back to Diamond Water Edge Resort

Time flew so quickly when I was in Diniwid Beach that I was shocked to discover that it's already past 12NN so I rushed back to the hotel to find everyone sleeping. We skipped lunch since we were still stuffed from the heavy breakfast early today. 

Time to go food tripping at d*mall

Single Coconut Ice Cream with coconut shell (P120) from Coco Mama

Korean fish cake (P100)

We left our room at around 4PM  and then headed to d*mall to buy souvenirs and also scout for a place to eat dinner later. While in d*mall, we tried the Single Coconut Ice Cream with coconut shell (P120) and the Korean fish cake (P100). We also got to buy several souvenirs for our family back home. 

 I 💓 Backyard BBQ - Boracay Island

Team Nicerio tries out  I 💓 Backyard BBQ

Ultimate Pork Belly

Pepper Steak

Fish Belly Steak


That night, we had dinner at I 💓 Backyard BBQ. We tried pepper steak, fish belly steak, ultimate pork belly, and calamari. After dinner, we had our last night's stroll at Station 1 and 2 of White Beach before heading back to our room in Diamond Water Edge Resort to pack our bags and finalize our luggage for our flight back home tomorrow.

Late night visit to the pool.

Well, that wraps up our third and last full day here in Boracay. See you in my last Boracay Revisited 2020 article!

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