Kyoto City Budget Day Tour Itinerary # 2

Here's another day tour itinerary that is designed to maximize a day in Kyoto while on a budget. 

Kyoto City Budget Day Tour Itinerary #2


1. Transportation from your accommodation going to Kyoto Station is not included in this itinerary.
2. The itineraries would always start in Kyoto Station and end in Kyoto Station.
3. The accommodation budget is also not included.
4. The itineraries start at 8:30AM as most destinations open at 9AM. 
5. The exploration time in a place is pegged at an hour per destination. However, you may opt to cut it shorter or stay longer. 
6. It is also assumed that you are traveling light.

Kyoto City Budget Day Tour Itinerary #2

Yasaka Jinja - Kiyomizudera Walking Course



Arrival at Kyoto Station.

Exit at the Karasuma Side of Kyoto Station. For those who are not familiar with Kyoto Station’s Karasuma Side, it is the one facing the Kyoto Tower.




Walk to the bus stops and board either bus #100 or #206. Board down at Gion bus stop.

Travel time from Kyoto Station is 25-30 minutes

Fare: 230 yen

9:00 - 9:30AM


Explore Yasaka Jinja Shrine.

Admission Fee: FREE

Click this link to read more about Yasaka Jinja Shrine




Walk to Maruyama Park. 

Travel time from the shrine is 1-2 minutes.


9:31 - 10:30AM


Explore the vast Maruyama Park

You might want to spend more time here during spring/autumn seasons as the park's foliage is more enchanting during these seasons.

Admission Fee: FREE

Read more about Maruyama Park




Walk to Higashiyama District

Travel time from the shrine is 5-10 minutes


10:40 – 11:30AM


Look for the 9 Healing Buddhist Statues that are scattered around the Nene Road and Kodaiji vicinity. Each statue is said to give those who touch it merits which grants specific wishes that are attributed to each statue.

Read more about the Higashiyama Healing Buddhist Statues.


11:30 -12:00NN



There are several restaurants in Nene Road for you to choose from.

12:00 - 12:30PM


Explore Kodaiji's Main Hall and garden.

Admission Fee: 600 yen 

Read more about Kodaiji.




Walk to Ryozen Kannon

Travel time from the temple is 1-2 minutes.


12:31 – 1:00PM


Explore Ryozen Kannon

Admission Fee: 300 yen

If you want to complete the 9 Healing Buddhist Statues then this place is a must-visit as the Wishing Bell is situated inside the Ryozen Kannon vicinity.

Read more about Ryozen Kannon.  



Walk to Ninnenzaka Slope

Travel time from the memorial grounds are 2-4 minutes.


1:02 – 1:30PM


Explore Ninenzaka Slope 


Buy souvenirs

Drink coffee and buy snacks in Edo Style Starbucks

Read more about Ninenzaka Slope and Edo Style Starbucks


1:30 - 2:00PM


Explore Sannenzaka Slope


Buy souvenirs 

Buy snacks

Read more about Sannenzaka Slope




Walk to Kiyomizudera 

Travel time from Sannenzaka Slope is 9-10 minutes.


2:10 – 3:30PM


Explore Kiyomizudera

Admission Fee: 400 yen

Read more about Kiyomizudera




Walk to Gojozaka bus stop

Travel time from the temple is 12-15 minutes.




Ride bus #206 to Kyoto Station

Travel time: 15 minutes

Fare: 230 yen


4:00 – 5:00PM


Explore Kyoto Station’s Skywalk and Observation Deck before calling it a day.

Admission Fee: FREE

Read more about the Kyoto Station.


Expenses Summary:





Transportation Fees


Kyoto Station – Gion bus stop – 230 yen

Gojozaka bus stop – Kyoto Station – 230 yen

Admission Fees


Kodaiji – 600 yen

Ryozen Kannon – 300 yen

Kiyomizudera – 400 yen


Food Expenses


Lunch  - _______ yen

Snacks and refreshments - ______ yen


Optional Expenses


Souvenirs - ________ yen

Starbucks coffee - ________ yen


Total Expenses


1760 yen + food expenses + optional expenses



Multiply the expenses to the X number of travelers.



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